Between trying to get an online hobby magazine up and running, family dramas and life in general hobby has taken quite the back seat. Underneath all the dust, cobwebs and…

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I’ve been playing a bit of SuperCell’s newly launched Clash Royale because it’s an insanely good game. I’ve built up to level 6, working my way out of the Barbarian Bowl and into P.E.K.A’s Playhouse, and this game is putting a serious dent in both my Golden D6 and hobby time!

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High on a narrow mountain pass in 480 B.C., a small Greek army awaits an onslaught of epic proportions. Led by just 300 Spartan soldiers, they somehow hold off the colossal Persian military for seven full days – until not one Greek warrior is left standing. They weren’t eligible to win the second great Sprue Grey Toy Soldier giveaway, anyways.

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While pursuing the Infinity Australia Facebook group (where all the cool kids hang out), I came across a post from Melbourne’s own Infinity Evil Genius, Porl that I feel deserves some attention from the SprueGrey Nation. Read More Infinity: the other, other world game.




Initial thoughts on the tabletop war game, Frostgrave. It’s totally awesome, by the way.

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