The most expensive collector’s accessories for video games

Whether new or used, these video game accessories have become so rare that they can only be found for completely mind-boggling amounts of money.

Here, we’re going to talk about those items that you may never have heard of, but that can sell for thousands of dollars all over the world. We’ve already been able to talk about the most expensive mainstream consoles in history, and this time it’s time to tackle accessories. However, it’s important to note that we’re not talking about the price of these accessories when they first came out, but rather the price at which they are accessible to collectors today, whether they’re new or used.

The idea of virtual reality is not new, and the Vectrex 3D Imager is a good example: released in 1984, it was supposed to offer 3D images to players who put on the helmet. Today, to get this rarity, it costs more than $2,000. A completely amazing price: for the same amount, you can get 2 HTC Vive Pro…

Already, the Panasonic Q Gameboy Player has only been released in Japan, so there are very few copies…Moreover, the accessory was aimed at a small niche of players…As much to say that we’re on something extremely rare, which explains its price: you won’t find a complete used version for less than 1500 dollars, and for a new one, it’s better to count on double that price!

The purpose of the Nintendo 64DD was to bring more power and durability to the Nintendo 64, a kind of hardware expansion of sorts. The product has hardly sold at all, which is why it’s so popular with collectors today. So it can be found for $1,800 used in its box, and almost $5,000 new.

The picture speaks for itself: we’re on a house bike with a screen and the integrated game. It was already expensive at first, but with the years and rarity, the price of this thing has literally skyrocketed. We’re on 2500 dollars used and with the complete set. As for the new one, even rarer, it’s more like 5000 dollars. Might as well buy a real bike at this price…

Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events and its dance pad is the forerunner of Ring Fit, Wii Fit and Just Dance all at once. A complete set for exercising at home with a variety of exercises, which has sold very few copies. So it’s a very rare item. For example, the complete used set costs $30,000.00. And for something new? Almost double that: $55,000! You can’t go overboard.

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