clash royale softcell undefeated deck

Clash Royale in place of gaming

The committed gamer will find opportunities to get a strategy battle game in where ever they can.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been playing a bit of SuperCell’s newly launched Clash Royale because it’s an insanely good game. I’ve built up to level 6, working my way out of the Barbarian Bowl and into P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse, and this game is putting a serious dent in both my Golden D6 and hobby time!

It’s a really satisfying mobile game (both Apple and Android) that’s over in a couple of minutes. I can get in ten or fifteen games on my morning commute. My fellow passengers don’t appreciate me screaming at the phone though …

supercell clash royale ultimate deck

Unlike Clash of Clans, you only play Clash Royale when you’re in the game, so there’s no coming back later and finding everything you had utterly destroyed.

However, some players have had concerns with Clash Royale that Supercell have recently responded to.

supercell clash royale game play video
On the plus side. My win/loss ratio doesn’t change compared to other games I play!

Chest timers (which contain all your loot) are one of the main criticisms of Clash Royale. Waiting for that next chest to spring open and shower you with goodies can be very, VERY frustrating. You win chests by beating opponents and you store up to four of them to open. These chest take a minimum of 3 hours to open and contain gold as well as additional cards used to make your decks. An interesting mechanic sees you only able to upgrade your troops after a certain number of cards has been collected (or bought). My level seven archers have four out of the required two-hundred cards to upgrade to level eight!

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Supercell points out that you can play entirely for free, getting the maximum number of unlocks and daily rewards with roughly an hour of total playtime every day. The game’s mechanics are balanced to give players motivation to keep playing it long term, instead of just power-gaming, unlocking every card, and moving on.

Supercell also mentions, “In addition, players interested in trophy pushing, or just experimenting with different cards, can still play as much as they want to! It’s up to you as a player and your individual goals.”

clash royale softcell undefeated deck

The cool thing about the game mechanics is the balance and overall gaming rules can evolve relatively quickly. Supercell says “Players should expect some balance changes every month.” They also point out that any card can feel overpowered if properly employed. The prince is an over-powered beat stick … until you throw redirects at him or a horde and then he goes down HARD! As with most of these games, learning these strategies is all part of the fun.

I’ve gone all in on Clash Royale. You can dump some major coin into it to get ahead, but as long as you’re patient and enjoy the games, playing free is really satisfying.

If you want to check it out, I have some videos up on my YouTube Channel