dreadtober helbrute painting osl

Dreadtober – To the end

At the end of Episode Seven I was steaming along. Dreadtober has been a huge abount of fun and has really reinvigorated me hobby mojo.

dreadtober helbrute painting osl

Finished the detailing on the front.

dreadtober helbrute painting bone

Painted all the bone area across the back as well. I am really happy with the end product. Through #DREADTOBER I’ve seen some really cool painting and conversions as detailed at Feed Your Nerd.

Regrettably, I fell short of the goal. My Helbrute is incomplete. At about midnight on November 1st, I declared my public shame.

It’s so close but even a Herculaneum three hour painting session on Saturday night couldn’t get me across the line. At the end of Dreadtober, the close combat arms are about half finished. However, I have completed the body and also the base. I have done more painting in the last thirty one days than I have in six months and seen some pretty cool miniatures along the way. I even experimented with a technique I have never used.

My favourite part of Dreadtober was being able to see the progress of my fellow Dreadtober-ians. Everyone knows that painting to a deadline is a great way to get stuff done and we should all know that it’s that much more enjoyable to be sharing the deadline with a heap of like-minded individuals. So thanks to Greg and Todd for setting the challenge. It has been a blast, even if I didn’t quite get there!

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For those keeping score, I will get the Helbrute finished and photographed in the next couple of days.

  • Even though you aren’t calling it complete yet, it still looks mighty awesome!

  • Todd Sherman

    Nice work man! Can’t wait to see it all wrapped up 8).. DreadTober was just getting people together so there really isn’t a deadline.. just keeps the hobby moving .. Gald you took part and had a good time!

  • So close, yet so far away… I consider a major hobby victory that you got that much time in! I agree completely that it was a very fun and motivational exercise, and seeing everyone’s work come together was a blast.

  • Thanks, gents! It has definitely been massively encouraging to be involved and despite not finishing, it was cool seeing what everyone else was doing too.

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  • Congrats on the work you did complete! He is looking fantastic – I like the power weapon glow on his pincer hand.

    • I didn’t know how much fun it is to be part of something like this. So many great Dreads and hobbyists to keep you motivated! I ONLY have to finish off the other CCW and then I can call it finished. Thirteen (and counting) days after the end of DREADTOBER!!!!

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