Foam Core terrain for sci-fi wargames

On the table: Foam core Sci-fi Terrain

As regular readers will know, I have a bit of a thing for wargames terrain. As a lazy wargamer, I’m also looking for the fastest, easiest, best looking result that I can. Foam core, along with plasticard, is one of my favourite mediums to work when making terrainIt must be a repressed desires to be an engineer or a carpenter.

I’m always on the lookout for new terrain projects (to help distract me from constant reminders that I should be painting Lizardmen!).

I have long term plans to finish a table’s worth of terrain for a Call Of Duty inspired table for Infinity.

The buildings below are very fitting for the sci-fi settings of most wargames. On top of that, the foam core is an awesome building material that can easily be cut and shaped and hacked together to fit in more with my Infinity scenery plans.

Foam Core terrain for sci-fi wargames

Terraining Day 08
Terraining Day 09
Terraining Day 10

ComboSmite primarily is a Warmachine Battle podcast. As you can see, there are also some excellent resources dealing with other skirmish level games too. The guys over there are starting to play other skirmish games too, particularly MERCS.

I can’t wait to get building!


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  • Thanks for linking over to our website! I’m really proud of the work Nick did to design those buildings (as an engineer, he’s way more meticulous than I am!).

    We both enjoy MERCs and are looking forward to playing more of it when Nick’s Kickstarter comes in (he backed them for like a bajillion dollars), but for now we’re all focused on stepping up our WarMachine play… attending more tournaments, doing better battle reports, that sorta stuff!

    Nick and I have tossed around a few more building ideas for him to design, so hopefully we can add a couple more before too long. Anyway! Thanks again for the nod!

    • The nod is my pleasure. You guys have done an amazing job of producing the buildings! There are a few vendors out there who produce similar from MDF, but using foam core really adds to the conversion options of the buildings.
      I must admit to only being an occasional Warmahordes player, but have enjoyed reading your battle reports and look forward to more.
      It’s a definite advantage having an engineer on board: my efforts at producing scenery tend to be more … haphazard. Which is great for producing ramshackle building, but not so good for more precise structures.
      Keep up the good work and we’ll keep reading it!

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