Khorne Helbrute component parts

Khorne Helbrute – Part 1

My hobby mojo is starting to return.

To ease myself back in I am revisiting a long forgotten project, the Khorne Helbrute. He’s supposed to be a bit of a monster and, in true Khorne style, the Helbrute is armed with two close combat weapons along with a Heavy Flamer. Helbrutes aren’t quite the barrel of monkeys that they were in previous iterations of the Chaos Codex. However, with the Helbrute Dataslate I get access to the Mayhem Pack.

The Mayhem Pack is three Helbrutes not deployed as a unit, but the always start in Reserves and Deep Strike (as a unit). They are always crazy and get It Will Not Die. That’s three, crazy, Deep Striking Helbrutes all armed for close combat. How is that not awesome?

Khorne Helbrute component parts

As with all good kit bashes, the Helbrute started as a collection of bits.

  • The Helbrute uses the Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnought for some of the cooler options and extra bits.
  • The exhaust pipes are taken from the Chaos vehicle accessories sprue.
  • Cool armoured plates from a Juggernaut of Khorne.
  • And finally, the snarling, bestial visage from the aforementioned Juggernaut of Khorne.

khorne helbrute legs and weapons

The Mangonel is a Dreadnought close combat weapon. Like weapons on all good Helbrutes, it is a huge and brutal device designed to destroy anything that stands in the Helbrute’s way. Part of the appeal of Chaos is the ability to really go to town on conversions of weapons and the models in general. The main part of the Mangonel is a unit standard from a unit of Warhammer Bull Ogres, the back is a simple slotta base and won’t be visible on the final model. The spikes around the edge are taken from the Chaos vehicle accessories sprue.

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The legs are protected by one of the spare Juggernaut of Khorne head armour plates and a Death Company Dreadnought’s leg armour with some extra plastic tubing drilled and glued in place for extra rivets. The feet have claws attached from the Librarian Dreadnought’s power fist and add a velociraptor look.

khorne helbrute first stage assembly

khorne helbrute second stage assembly

I have to figure out how to attach the Mangonel and what to do with the other arm. There also has to be a heavy flamer added into the mix.

This is the result of a Skype Hobby session and about an hour’s work afterwards. So far, I’m pleased with the result, looking forward to finishing the weapons and MAYBE even having enough hobbytime to paint the finished product.

Creative Twilight has also completed some mad Helbrute action and I vaguely remember being inspired by the project on their site at the inception of my Khorne Helbrute.

Part two of the Khorne Helbrute article is also finished!

  • Helbrutes are one of my favorite units despite not always performing exceptionally. The Mayhem Pack is fun for sure. The trick is having enough on the table to hold up while you have 3 units in reserves. If you can do that then the Mayhem Pack lives up to its name.

    Looking good. That’s a pretty impressive kitbash. I’m a big fan of an asymmetrical look, especially on Chaos. Nice job.

    Thanks for the link too.

    • I can’t see them working too well in lower points games; there wouldn’t be enough on the table while waiting for the Helbrutes to hit. Given my history for running nine Obliterators though, I’m used to making do.
      As I said, Chaos offers unlimited potential for all sorts of madness with the plastic crack, so the more asymmetrical the better. It feels really good to sit down and cut loose on a new project after some time off. Thanks to you for the original inspiration!

      • I’ve done it in 1,500 and it worked pretty well but it had to be the only unit in reserves. One version had them and a Heldrake and that was too much off the table for sure.

        I’m addicted to Chaos for the same reason. It used to be my Orks, same in regards for easy and fun conversions, but Chaos quickly stole all my attention.

        Glad to be able to provide something inspiring.

        • Although, I have dallied with the Sisters (and am still convinced they can be competitive as pure Sister of Battle), have bought and sold a Dark Eldar army, still trying to get rid of an OOP Deathwing army as well as a myriad of other bits and pieces, I still love me some Chaos and particularly the way that my army has evolved over time.

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