#New40K? Time for a new army.

I am pretty psyched for the new edition of Warhammer 40000. The seventh edition has become a bit of a quagmire of power gaming and confusion. #New40K will save us all by changing the rules to be more in line with Age of Sigmar (do you remember when Age of Sigmar broke the internet?).

From all the reports that I have seen, reactions to Age of Sigmar has been positive. I have talked to a few of the guys going to tournaments locally and they have all had good things to say.

I’ve even gone so far as downloading the rules and the war scrolls for the Skaven and Lizardman (sorry, Seraphon) armies in order to get Mister Thirteen to stop his room-hobbit tendencies. It’s a mixed bag result so far.

Some of you may remember that I am a nostalgic old bugger. Just in case, here’s where I reminisce about White Dwarf 125 and also where I blow the dust off my first Warhammer 40000 army, the Eldar, by painting a single Farseer.

Painted Eldar Farseer

In a very roundabout way, this is my goal for the #New40K:

I’m going to start a new Eldar army for #New40K

Of course, I make grandiose statements like this all the time. I still owe you a review of Heresy Miniatures and we won’t talk about #Squaduary and #Dreadtober.

Let’s just call this a general hobby goal rather than a brash announcement. Certainly, work can start on few bits and pieces but I don’t think there will be any major investments in Eldar models until after the new edition is released.

In preparation for my journey along the path of the Warrior, I have read Gav Thorpe’s excellent Path of the Eldar series. I was really caught up in the way he portrayed the detail of Eldar society and was really impressed by the way that Exarchs and the Phoenix Lords come into being. If you’re interested, I won’t spoil the story, but the first book is the one you’re looking for.

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My journey along the path of the Warrior is also influenced by a couple of posts on Gav Thorpe’s blog, especially the link to the interview with Jes Goodwin. For the history buffs, Jes is the man behind the original Aspect Warriors from all those years ago. The Phoenix Lords, for example, are twenty-three years old. They’ve held up pretty well over the years.


I still think those original Eldar Aspect Warriors are pretty bad-ass!

I’m glad that Games Workshop didn’t make the universe go KA-blooey like they did the Old World. By advancing the storyline after all these years means the fluff bunnies and history nerds can still keep all their background stories relevant. I mean, do you really want to live in a universe that Gaunt’s Ghosts didn’t happen?

I look forward to the 8th edition of Warhammer 40000 with a mix of optimism and excitement, least of which because I get to start a new army as well; the army I originally started playing Warhammer 40000 with all those years ago.

In the meantime, I still have my Sisters of Battle and Plague Marines to keep me going when #New40K gets released.

  • When I read the Path of the Warrior book I immediately wanted to start and Eldar army. I’ve also read the Seer, but not Outcast yet. Anyway, awesome books that are very inspiring, so I can see your resurgent interest in Eldar. I’m looking forward to seeing your blog again and documenting some progress – I hope 😉

    • It was the Path of the Warrior that has driven this, primarily. I think, though, that we all have an inner Eldar player that we repress and hide away.
      Having so much awesome fluff available definitely helps with the inspiration.
      Interesting that I’ve never started a Guard army because I read and re-read Gaunt’s Ghosts more times than I can count.

      Oh, wait. Inner Eldar player.

      • The only other time I was tempted to start an army after reading Black Library stuff was with Eisenhorn. I so wanted to make a small Ordo Malleus army, and then realized you couldn’t 🙁 Well, not an official Ordo Malleus army anyway.

        • Shadow War: Armageddon?

          • Good point. At the time though it was 5th edition 40K, but it’s doable now.

  • Woo! Adam is painting again 😀 it is fun to see all the hints and build up for 8th.

    • I am trying to avoid all the news about the new rules so that I am even more pleasantly surprised come June 17th. It seems to be working. And, after talking to Ryan at GW Melbourne, I’m now even more excited!