The great Sprue Grey 300 giveaway

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High on a narrow mountain pass in 480 B.C., a small Greek army awaits an onslaught of epic proportions. Led by just 300 Spartan soldiers, they somehow hold off the colossal Persian military for seven full days – until not one Greek warrior is left standing.

The legendary battle of Thermopylae is still acknowledged today for its brilliant military maneuvers and the well-trained and fearless soldiers who fought to the death.

After running the Great Goblin Giveaway almost two years ago, I figured it was about time to run another competition. And let’s face it, it’s pretty obvious.

The rules, like me, are simple. Like the Sprue Grey Toy Soldier Facebook page and also like the post about the 300 competition. If we get to 300 (see what I did there?), one random fan will get the following:


What you will notice, is that there is no buffed up Gerard Butler on the front cover. I am very old, and feel that people should have to watch old movies that are classics. These young people and their re-make this and that. Why back in my day ….



  • The competition will run from the 15th February, 2016 (AEST) until the 15th March, 2016 (AEST). Ooooh, beware the Ides of March!
  • Once 300 likes are achieved, the random draw will take place.
  • You have to have like the Facebook page as well as the post announcing the competition to be eligible

*NB: I totally love the remake movie but have feelings of inadequacy compared to Gerard Butler. Who, I’m sure, is a really nice guy and is good to his mother and all …