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The Sprue Grey Toy Soldier blog is a lasting testament to my almost tectonic painting speed (and my infamy for doing so). That’s not to say that I play with unpainted miniatures; just that I try to avoid it as often as possible.
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Who am I? I am (in)famous anywhere players of toy soldiers gather. In Melbourne. I am the man, the myth, the legend: Ratboy!

You have to just know that there’s a story behind that one, right?

Long ago, as a misty eyed youth, I did what we all consider at some point in our gaming lives; I worked for Games Workshop. First in retail at the recently opened Chatswood store and then the brand new Sydney store and eventually gravitated to working in Mail Order in the Australian operation where I ran the show for a while. My staff were a bunch of slack jawed yokels. Actually, it was a one man show.

As you would imagine, working in the hobby mecca (young and misty eyed, remember?), money flowed freely from the hole in my pocket. Before I knew it, I was in possession of about five kilograms of lead Skaven miniatures.

At around the same time, a new guy had started in the warehouse and I’ll never forget his name, Adam Duggan … I wonder where he is? Upon one of the first times meeting me, for reasons known only to him, he cried, “You look like a rat, boy!”

And the rest is, as they say, history.

Playing at the defunct Powerfist tournament (circa 2003). Painted army; bad haircut; cool Skaven road show t-shirt.

Playing at the defunct Powerfist tournament (circa 2003). Painted army; bad haircut; cool Skaven road show t-shirt.

However, the story goes back earlier than that to high school. There was a Dungeons and Dragons club that I was drawn into. The games were full of lewd innuendo and casual observation of the rules, but I was hooked.

Then a few years later was my ah-ha! moment. White Dwarf 125 was my first real exposure to the world of miniature gaming. Oh, sure, I’d had a train set as a kid and made botched attempts at making “realisitc” looking scenery using papier-mache and green poster paint, but this, this was the real deal. A world of elves, and goblins, Space Marines and Eldar! To using the wrestling term, I marked out big time for Games Workshop!

Since then, I have played a LOT of games. I have played Warhammer 40000 (including Rogue Trader), Warhammer Fantasy Battle (when it came with High Elves and Goblins), Mordheim, BloodBowl (the perennial favourite!) and Necromunda.

Today, there is a near infinite supply of tabletop wargames to suit any and all tastes. I have dabbled in Warmahordes, Malifaux and Bushido. I am seriously loving Infinity and some of the smaller games, like A Fistful of Kung Fu and X-wing.

I am very fortunate to have a games club nearby that plays a lot of these games and many more. However, being all grown up with a wife and kids means that Saturdays spent gaming at Hampton Games Club are getting few and far between.

Of course, you can’t have toy soldiers without terrain, and there are some brilliant resources out there that cover terrain as well. It’s another distraction!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to be able to drag you along on my sporadic hobby quest!

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