A Terrain Quandary

Greetings, SprueGrey Nation!

Today I come before you with a story. Well, a story and a quandary.

The story part. For great big chunks of the last twenty years I have been a dirty, steenky, filthy smoker. The birth of my daughter, as one would expect, caused me to re-evaluate my deviant ways, one of which was smoking.

Okay, so I haven’t QUITE quit yet. However, I have moved to “nicotine replacement therapy” instead. A LOT of it, apparently. The picture definitely represents a number of months’ worth!

Nicorette terrain for wargames

The way that I look at it; I’ve traded one bad habit for another. This one won’t kill me as quick.

Each of these plastic containers is a little more than double the size of a normal Space Marine.

Nicorette terrain space marine

Now the quandry. What do I do with them? There is something that screams out to me SCI-FI WARGAME SCENERY, but I can’t figure out what it is. This is where you come in, SprueGrey Nation.

Comment below or on Twitter or on Facebook, I’m not hard to find, with what you think they should be made into and I’ll do my best to make it happen and also credit you madly with the praise and kudos that one deserves for being so brilliant!

I’ll give this one until the 20th October to fester and grow and then report back the results.