Addressing the Painter’s Pledge

Around the internet there is always a-rumblin’ goin’ on. Owen, of Terrain for Hippos and Hampton regular, is a cruel and evil monster who challenges his readers to an annual paint off. He drove poor Greg to levels of insanity beyond human comprehension. Other far more serious competitions exist.

One thing they all hold in common, is a group of gamers spurring each other on to get a painting challenge achieved.

I’ve managed to dodge the bullet, so far. It’s not that I can’t paint, it’s the tectonic speed at which I paint that’s the problem. You can see by my Painter’s Pledge that there’s a fair back log waiting to be painted. And more new, awesome stuff just keeps pouring in!

Hampton Games Club has a large following of Games Workshop games, but also supports a number of the smaller skirmish games growing in popularity. Infinity, Warmahordes, Saga, Flames of War and Bolt Action all see regular action on the tables.

What’s the point of all this?

In a very round about way, I’m setting myself my own painting challenge. From the Painter’s Pledge I have selected one of the armies that await more attention and devote March to painting it. “Armies”, in this case, refers to any single gang, faction, army or collection of figures required to play a game.

I am STILL enamoured by the Combined Army Caskuda. So my first self-appointed challenge is to paint up my Combined Army aiming, ultimately, at getting the Caskuda play worthy by the end of the month of March.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that there are some amazing painters out there. Foremost, in the Infinity community, is Studio Giraldez. He’s been working as the studio painter for Corvus Belli for ten years! I’m nowhere near that level, but it’s the sort of thing that one looks to for inspiration.

What’s sitting on your desk that could do with some attention?