This is taken from the Darkson Designs website:

“It is 1946. The greatest conflict mankind has ever known has entered its seventh bloody year. Tens of millions have already fallen, yet the war rages on. No corner of the globe has been spared, the shadow of battle hovers above every land. Millions have been left homeless, driven from the charred carcasses of once great cities. Millions more cower beneath the iron heel of foreign rule. Awesome weapons of destruction rain down upon the earth, blasting the land itself into a blackened cinder. Mankind stands on the edge of midnight as the wheel of history turns toward its darkest hour.”

AE-WWII is a alternate-history WWII game played with metal miniatures – the miniature range is pretty good so far, most armies have at least a few models. Or at least, the major factions; the American Faction, British Faction (only a couple of models so far), German Faction and Soviet Faction.

AE-WWII is a skirmish-based miniatures game set in the retro sci-fi setting of an alternate World War II. The game is intended for use with the Darkson Designs line of AE-WWII “true” 28mm miniatures.

AE-WWII combines wargaming and historical fiction into a game that has much to offer fans of both. With a flexible, points-free detachment design system players can create purely historical forces or units comprised entirely of the terrifying new wonder weapons available to each side of the conflict. In AE-WWII it’s up to the players to decide how historical or how fictional the game will be.

The alternative history stuff is always pretty amazing, AE-WWII being no exception. Some of the concept art holds great promise and the Darkson Designs web site has a weath of inspiration including the following:

darkson designs ae-wwii hoodo conjurer

Hoodoo Conjurer:
With a vast array of tricks, traps and spells at their disposal, these mystics roam the battlefields chanting curses, throwing strange ingredients and calling forth the powerful magic of the southern states.