Age of Sigmar or Warhammer broke the internet

Not since Kim Kardashian’s “broke the internet” ass shots have we seen such a furore. Did the Age of Sigmar “leaks” manage to break the internet?

age of sigmar promo

Well, probably not, but we can all aspire to, right.

It has been a LO-O-O-O-NG while since I properly played Warhammer. In fact, the starter box for Warhammer looked like this:

warhammer 5th edition boxset
Look kids! Over 100 Citadel Miniatures … and some cardboard cutouts. But 100 Citadel Miniatures!!

In fits of economic over enthusiam, I even collected a Skaven force that easily topped ten thousand points and weighed about seven kilograms. No, it wasn’t painted. That much metal rat is extremely intimidating.

I have dabbled in later editions of Hero Hammer and even had two games of seventh edition. Therefore, as well as being one of the world’s oldest Warhammer players, I feel that my total lack of in depth experience makes me a well qualified commentator.

Or not.

However, the Age of Sigmar is upon us and the Old World that we know and love is no more. Gotrek must have met his doom by now, right?

age of sigmar open boxset

As always, the box set that we will see is packed full of everything that two players need to get up and running in the Age of Sigmar. There is a four page rule book, some beautiful looking miniatures and all the accoutrements one would need.

age of sigmar miniature

Hang on. A four page rule book? FOUR PAGES?! Where are my tomes of rules packed with incidental fluff and beautiful pictures? Where are my unit point costs and army rules? I am an unashamed fluff bunny and the background of the Old World was amazing and well developed.

The volumes and volumes of fluff text and books were what kept me up at night!

After twenty-five years of work, one could expect little else. X-wing, in comparisom, has a four page rule book too and look at how awesome that is. However, X-wing’s background is also widely known built on the Holy Trinity and the three prequels and the coming soon movies.

I am scared of the Age of Sigmar because it lacks the depth of background and history that I love about the Warhammer world.

Forums and blogs alike are exploding with argument and counter-argement; heresay and rumour abounds. The Age of Sigmar could be a metaphor for the state of society at the moment. Now THAT is a long bow to draw, but I am on a rant.

Inital reactions range from rage-quit to quiet acceptance and enthusiasm. The game may be fine and based on the current set of rumours. The juicy rules may well come from the unit cards, adding more depth to the game. Warmachine does this well, but even Privateer Press has invested in some well written fluff and developed some story behind the game.

It could be fun, if lacking some of the previous incarnations’ levels of depth and “balance”.

A question raised on WargamerAU asked, “If this was a new game by a different company would anyone even give it a second glance?”

When stalwarts like The Hoodling’s Hole, the Dwellers Below and Pete Dunn predict doom and gloom, is this the end for Warhammer?

The Age of Sigmar is upon us, true. I have read a million different things about it. July 11th will be the make or break and good luck to all those who take up the challenge.

One final thought: Isn’t the Age of Sigmar supposed to be the first of three versions of “Warhammer” released? I’m sure I read something about a skirmish style game followed by more developed rules?