BREAKING NEWS: Ancient Citadel paint discovered!

Not even Old Man Morin could dream of such a find! Revealed today, thought lost to the mists of time, a genuine Citadel Colour paint.

I have been painting and playing with toy soldiers for longer than I haven’t, at this point in my life. It’s kinda scary!

Whilst digging around an old box of stuff in my continuing economic rationalisation (getting rid of old stuff that will never see the light of day!), I was utterly amazed to find an actual pot of Citadel Colour Spearstaff Brown.

Ah, the halcyon days of Titillating Pink, Worm Purple and the immortal Snake-Bite Leather and Bleached Bone. In the interests of protecting the (possibly) innocent, I won’t reveal the exact circumstances of how I came to own this most ancient relic.

citadel colour spearstaff brown
Present above, in full colour, is an artefact of massive value. Yup, Jes Goodwin’s right hand isn’t worth as much as this pot of paint. The burning question I can hear you ask is “does it still work?”

infinity wargame scenery

Ta-da! They don’t make ’em like this anymore.