Arcanacon 2011 practice games (Part 1)

The Battle Bunker ( held a tournament today. Not just any tournament, but the winner receives the "Golden Ticket", Willy Wonka style to Arcanacon in two weeks time.

In something that’s unusual for our friendly neighbourhood Ratboy, today was a one day, three game tournament. Up until now, I’ve not been to a one day tournament and didn’t know what to expect. I’ve got to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

I’ve been to the Battle Bunker a couple of times and I have to be honest that I have been underwhelmed. I’ve got to admit that I am happily proven wrong. The guys there really stepped up in light of recent events and provided a top notch event.

My three opponents were Tristan Young, Ray and Chris Penwarden. I’ve never played any of them before, one Imperial Fist player (insanely well painted yellow, thanks Tristan), one Ravenwing army (brilliant paint job, thanks Ray, who went on to win best painted) and also one Eldar army (blasted the crap out of me! Thanks Chris)

The good news is I have decided on an army for Arcanacon; my Sisters of Battle! for those keeping score.

Canoness - Cloak of St Aspira, Jump Pack,
  Inferno Pistol, Eviscerator, Frag grenades
10 Sisters - Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Veteran sister,
  Eviscerator, Book of St Lucius, Rhino
10 Sisters - Melta, Heavy Flamer, Veteran Sister,
  Eviscerator, Book of St Lucius, Rhino
12 Sisters - Stormbolter, Stormbolter,
  Veteran Sister, Eviscerator, Book of St Lucius
12 Sisters - Melta, Melta,
  Veteran Sister, Eviscerator, Book of St Lucius
Exorcist - Extra armour
Exorcist - Extra armour	

1200 points on the nose. Forty five sisters and four tanks. A little bit of mechanised and a little bit foot slogging. I’m still figuring out how it plays!! Arcanacon is two weeks away …

From the three games, I learnt that smoke launchers are solid gold! They come free on thirty-five point Rhinos that can self-repair.

I still love Faith Points

Stupid drop podding Dreadnoughts

I really, really enjoy playing 5th edition Warhammer 40,000.

Some people take it way too seriously, but I really enjoy standing across the table from a mate, or better yet, someone that I haven’t played before and totally getting my 40K on. The game is not as involved as others, Fantasy Battle for one, but there’s just enough complexity to make it interesting.



I am, as mentioned somewhere else, essential a social geek.

Oh, and I won best sports and a fifty dollar voucher for use at the Battle Bunker! Total score!!