Arcanacon 2011 practice games (Part 2)

Today’s exciting installment of Frantically getting ready for Arcanacon sees our hero at Realm of Legends (

Unlike yesterday’s tournament, today’s was split into two categories; those vying for a ticket to this most prestigious event and those already going. This was a pretty good idea because, let’s face it, who wants someone already going to win *COUGH* Brad *COUGH*.

Realm of Legends has, in my humble opinion, quickly established itself as a premiere venue. The shop has a huge number of permanently setup tables for gaming, an on-site cafe area and even tables for painting and a couch area! They’ve catered for every gaming need as well with a well stocked retail area too.

The tournament was well organised and run and thirty six players showed up on the day. About a 50-50 split of people playing for a ticket and people playing for the practice.

Today, my three opponents were Rohan Fotheringham, Brad Morin and John (surname I can’t remember, I’m sorry). I have played Rohan often enough to know that it would be a hard game. His Tyranid army was one Hive Tyrant, two Mawlocks, four Trygon and two (starting!) squads of Termagents. I understand how to stop this army, but the execution proved more difficult. It was a hard fought battle where only one of his Trygons stopped spawning in the last turn of the game, but I managed to fulfill my objective of killing his Hive Tyrant and the two Mawlocks. Rohan also fulfilled his objectives. So at the end of the battle, after the dust had settled, Rohan (who went onto win the tournament) pipped me by one battle point, handing him a win.

I think that my tactics of holding the line and doing as much damage as possible before he was able to close the gap between us worked well. The Mawlocks popping up was an unexpected “surprise” that hurt me, but worked in my favour objective wise.

My second game, against Brad Morin, saw me pitted against my most regular gaming buddy! Yesterday, Brad took a “soft” Wyche Cult army that saw him to victory ( Never believe a word this man says!!

Brad took another “soft” army today; Blood Angels. One Sanguniary Priest, a Chaplain and some marines in a mix of Rhinos and a Razorback. I agree that this was FAR from a hard list and I had plans to pound him with Exorcists until there was naught but a smoking crater. Regrettably, in turn two, midst pounding of my erstwhile opponent, my dice abandoned me entirely! Literally, my rolling went from fours and fives to ones and twos. The result was moot at this point. Both of us chose objective grab missions and Brad managed to paste me and claim the objectives and the win.

I’ll have to beat him next time! 🙂

The one bad thing about this game was Brad pointing out that my maths was off on my army; nothing major, but required dropping a couple of Books of St Lucius to make it 1200 point legal.

Both of the games today were really hard; to be expected when playing against two seasoned and experienced generals.

The third game saw me playing at the bottom of the table. The game was a bit of a non event, details are hazy, but the game went to seven turns of me shooting the hell out of a new Eldar player; two Prism cannons, Eldrad, some Striking Scorpions and some Guardians. My dice returned to me and though I lost both Exorcists, the damage had been done.

I’m feeling really ready for Arcanacon in a couple of weeks time. I am finally figuring out

  • when to use Faith and how to manage it
  • how to keep my tank hunting Cannoness alive for as long as possible
  • optimising my 12″ kill zone

I didn’t win anything, however, I managed to get as many painting and sports points as I did battle points. It’s not an achievement that I should be proud of probably; it definitely shows that my battle points were on the lower than average side.

Rat out.