Arcanacon 2012 – Day Two

Day two dawned. That’s the best I can do. After a LONG and disturbingly hot day locked in the gyms (blessings of Nurgle abounded!) playing toy soldiers, I was only mildly excited to be going back for more.
Two losses and one win saw me submarining. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Game Four was against Nick Kelly’s Blood Angels in a deploy-on-the-short-table-edge mission. Foot slogging Plague Marines hiking up the table into Vindicator shells, Melta armed Dreadnoughts and Dakka Predators to claim objectives are never going to have an easy time of it.
My bone head moment came when I deep struck Typus and two Obliterators on the furthest objective from me, proceeded to clear it off and also a couple of other offending units. The real bone head bit came at the end of the game when I realised that neither Typhus nor Obliterators could take the objective. A close fought game that ended in a loss.
arcanacon 2012 photos nick kelly warhammer 40000 blood angels
Rhys Buszko was my next opponent with Slaanesh marines. Lots of mobility, another objective grab for someone with no mobility (I’m sensing a pattern here) and I was tabled by the end of five turns. Another loss.
arcanacon 2012 photos rhys buszko warhammer 40000 slaanesh noise marines
Round six dawns, finally. This is the round, after the heat and the man funk, that everyone gets a little testy about. Whoever my opponent is going to be, with four bad losses, we’re not going to be playing for a podium finish. My opponent turned out to be Mr. Tim Wilson.
I’ve seen Tim around but never had the opportunity to face him. His foot slogging Sisters told tales of lamentation that I was familiar with. Ideally, round six should be a no brainer; kill points. So it was pretyy straight forward. However, Tim was truly a gentleman to play against and take a solid beating from. If he reads this, thank you very much for the game. It was undoubtedly the best game I had all weekend!
His Sisters of Battle and their performance definitely have me rethinking the army. Faith is interesting and some of the changes to the army choices certainly have me thinking.
arcanacon 2012 photos tim wilson warhammer 40000 sisters of battle witchhunters