Arcanacon 2012 Live – Round One

Fond One was against Kane Tucker’s Orks. Six Killer Kans, two Dreadnoughts, Ghaz and Snikrot. I was tabled in the sixth turn. Typhus badly under performed!

arcanacon 2012 photos kane tucker

I’m not sure that I was the biggest fan of Ghaz infiltrating behind me and then Waaaagh-ing fair up my plague pipe, but them’s the rules.
It was during this game that I discovered my inability to get through armour. Theory holds that with four melta guns, one combi-melta and five Obliterators it should be easy. I would have thought so too. The result was due largely to me taking all my luck in rolling to hit and penetrate and focusing it all into my Invulnerable saves. Winner of the match; the under performing Typhus who stood two rounds of close combat with an Ork dreadnought that he had no way to defeat.
It’s been many a year since I faced Kane on the field of battle, and I am looking forward to doing it again.