Arcanacon 2012 – The wrap up

Arcanacon Warhammer 40000 has been run and won for another year. It is with both great relief and regret that I see it’s back.

This year WATT, headed by the esteemed Mark Morrisson, stepped aside to make way for new blood. The new organisers, headed by Dan Attril, had quite a job ahead of them. The Arcanacon Warhammer 40000 tournament is the biggest and probably most prestegious Warhammer 40000 tournament in the Southern Hemisphere.

A round by round break down can be found here:
Round One
Round Two
Round Three
Rounds Four, Five and Six (I was really lazy on the second day.)

VENUE: Arcanacon is held at Collingwood College. It’s not the nicest part of town, so care has to be taken to make sure that all valuables are removed from cars at the start of the day. I have heard rumour of hiring security guards to patrol the grounds but there was no evidence of this, I also didn’t hear any reports of cars being broken into this year. Read into that what you can.
I’ve never been the biggest fan of the venue as it suffers from the heat and this year was no different. The strange thing is, the heat and funky smell of sixty to seventy gamers adds to the vibe of the event and you’re a little bit reconciled knowing hat you’e not suffering alone. That said, the gyms used this year were a great idea. Having games spread all over the place becomes frustrating when you have to lug an army plus all the miscellaneous bits and pieces from one side of the school to the other. And let’s face it, putting one hundred and fifty odd gamers into a venue is going to be a test at the best of times. School gyms are a logic choice.
The audiotorium was a bad choice for the presentations when it could have easily been held outside. By the time the final awards were given, it was extremely hot and stuffy in the back rows. Of course, occassional heckling of the TO may well have made the whole thing go faster …
The easiest way to battle the funky smell would be to get the airconditioning turned on or fans to circulate the air.

ATMOSPHERE: The atmosphere is what keeps people coming back to Arcanacon. WATT have always promoted a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and Dan really maintained the ethos well. I saw one game in round six where the opponents were getting heated, but apart from the usual grumbling about various over powered lists and combinations, not much else was heard. One of Arcanacon’s tag lines is “Don’t be a prick” and the players got the idea.
I really enjoy coming to Arcanacon, my dismal performance aside. There is fun to be had, people to catch up with and the good thing this year was lots of new blood. Tourneys hit a certain level, if they don’t get new people in, where they stagnate; it’s the same old people fighting the same old battles and the same podium finishers.
The results, when they’re posted, show that there has been quite a shake up at the pointy end. A number of the top ten finishers were first timers; including the overall winner!

MY PERFORMANCE: Was beyond un-noteworthy. My army on paper looked soft but it under performed in every game. My main failing was inability to move. Without Rhinos to speed me across (or along, in one game) the board, capturing objectives was a slow process and usually involved walking into some heavy fire power. Also, Typhus and all those Obliterators were a HUGE point sink with Arcanacon’s 1200 point limit. I wanted to move away from the “net standard” Daemon Prince and as a bit of a fluff bunny, it was all Nurgle or it was nothing. Therefore, no Lash Princes either.
In hindsight, I should have dropped the three Obliterators, pumped up the five man squad to seven Plague Marines and given everyone Rhinos with smoke. That, of course, is the benefit of hindsight.

SUMMARY: At the end of the tournament, my soft scores got me across the line. Painting and sports definitely boosted me a lot. I have no idea about where my composition score fell. Out of one hundred and forty six players, I managed to get dead middle with seventy-third. Best of all, for the second year running, I was voted the Best Sports! I know that it’s all about battle points and winning, but I really feel honoured to get the Sportsmanship prize. People obviously enjoyed tabling me!
In all seriousness, I think that people want to be treated well; win, lose or draw. Some players take it seriously, and that’s great, I enjoy my game from a more social approach and try to offer the same experience to my opponent. In all honesty, I should apologise to my opponents. I think that, in tournament play, your opponent should represent a challenge and bring an army of that ilk. I failed to do that this year and my opponents deserve the apology I offer.

However, aching back, dehydration and exposeure to Badfang’s ball soup aside I am looking forward to next year’s Arcanacon! Vive le change!

Now to get to work on my Dark Eldar or Sisters Of Battle or Marines or Deathwing … oh well, it’s twelve months away.