Tournament Alert! Arcanacon Warhammer 40000 2012

Arcanacon 40K is the largest single Warhammer 40000 event in the Southern Hemisphere. We’ll have some laffs, drink some beer, listen to some fine death metal and make some WAR! From the mouths of babes. Or in this case, the outgoing tournament organisers; War All The Time (WATT)

I have been an on and off player/organiser/groupie for Arcanacon for ten or so years. I remember introducing WATT to the awesome destructive power of metal pounded out through a PA! Ahhh, good times. Until I melted the amplifier in the summer heat.

This year Arcanacon will run on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th, January, 2012 at Collingwood College, Hoddle St, Collingwood. Arcanacon is maintaining the 1200 point army restriction and six games are played over the two days.

Now that WATT is behind us, they left some really positive legacies that have become some of the core values of Arcanacon 40k as an Event, a good time with great mates playing with some toy soldiers.

This will not change.

We aim to maintain the traditions, skull trophies, Arc40k dice, 5 year & 10 year vets, maybe even 15 if we get one, & as you have read 1200 points, with 6 games, good sports, helpful mofo’s, and we will even dare to add a few surprises of our own.

I hope to see all my great mates at Arc 2012 that have made my 10 years at Arc most memorable.

Ok, Lets get off to a flying start with Arc40k 2012…

Arcanacon Organiser – Dan Attrill – Facebook Arc 40K.

Arcanacon has always been about the experience; the games are almost secondary to being there and seeing some good mates. 1200 points makes for some interesting challenges when building an army. From my perspective, there is a heavier reliance on troops and making sure they are multi-function. In fifth edition troops reign supreme and as an, at best, mediocre player I like as much redundancy in my troops as possible!

Mark was always so calm in the runup to Arcanacon