Arcanacon XXVIII

The main Warhammer 40000 tournament was held on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 Jan 2010. The criteria forces players to focus on their all-around hobby by marking them on game play, sportsmanship, composition and presentation.

This year War All The Time really went all out, hosting 200 players (and about 100 on the reserves list!) from around the country in the largest ever Warhammer 40000 tournament in Australia.

For those who missed it or are thinking about getting in on the action next year, here is a picture of your friendly, neighbourhood tournament organiser in a most calm repose.

warhammer 40000 tournament organiser

On a more personal note, I was privileged to help make this the success that it was. Mass kudos go out to the whole WATT team for putting together such a spectacular event.

If you only attend one tournament next year, I can’t highly recommend Arcanancon enough.