Avatars Of War Review

Felix Paniagua is a sculptor from Barcelona. He has worked for Games Workshop and is currently working for Privateer Press and is talented beyond description with the greenstuff.

Yours truly (in a fit of enthusiasm) dropped a bit of the old hard earned on some of his models …

These figures were originally posted on Wargamer AU and I thought I would check them out.

By no means, am I an authority on the painting of miniatures, but I do know what I like and the Dwarf Slayer was love at first sight!. Not since the new Chaplain in Terminator armour have I felt such a burning desire to paint a toy soldier!
avatars of war dwarf berserker

Just one seemed like a bit of a waste and so I picked up as many as appealed to me. Specifically, the Dwarf Slayer, the Orc Warboss, the Orc Shamen and the Goblin Hero. There was only one High Elf available at the time, and I’m sorry, but Elves just don’t do it for me!

The models are all multi-part; most extraneous details are a seperate mould. The Dwarf’s mohawk is a seperate piece, for example. Some of the extra parts seem a little bit over the top though. The Orc Shamen’s bottom jaw is not moulded to the miniature, but is easily glued into place. In comparisom to other manufacturers, these mutilpart models fit together seamlessly. If anything, minimal greenstuff would be required. The models themselves are all cleanly cast and mould lines are minimal to non-existant. This could be due to limited runs of the miniatures not creating as much wear and tear on the casts, regardless, it has produced some really excellent, clean figures.
avatars of war orc shaman
Now to the downsides. Let me start by saying that there is NOTHING wrong with the final products themselves. It would seem that Felix is still starting out; there are obviously going to be some things that are going to go wrong. Regrettably for him, one of them was the moulding process itself. I paraphrase an email that was sent from him below:

I know that when you bought the Orc Hero, they were still available, but I am really sorry to inform you that last Thursday I was putting together a couple of Orcs for my personal collection and I detected an error in the castings that even if being very difficult to spot were quite bad. I was desperated by that thinking that I may have missed the same thing on many other figures so I ran to the post office to collect all the orders that have been packaged yet, praying that they won’t be despatched yet. Fortunately, they were not and I could get back the packages. I spent all night opening all packages and checking the castings inside. My worst fears have become true as there are only 46 perfect castings that reach the quality level that I demand for the Avatars of War castings, that will be served to the first 47 pre-orders. I can imagine that having to wait more time has to be a big disappointment to you, and believe me if I tell you that I am really upset and displeased, but I prefer to be honest and take all the care for my customers because you are the driving force of Avatars of War and the reason that I began this personal project.

avatars of war goblin warlord
And you know what? It was worth the wait. Felix sounds a bit like a perfectionist (and I for one am more than glad he is). So the Orc Heroes were miscast and he recalled them? All it really meant for me was a bit of a delay in the receipt of the figures. The end result was worth the wait. I really checked out the quality of the Orc Hero when it arrived with the order and there are no imperfections in the model at all.
avatars of war orc warlord
The other problem is not with the models at all, but rather the packaging. All four models were shipped wrapped carefully in bubble wrap to minimise the chance of damage in transit (rather successfully, I might add), however, they were then placed into a bubble wrap padded envelope. I’m not sure what the Spanish postal system is like in regard to safe transit of packages, but flying across the globe and being handled by who knows introduces the chances of damage, split packaging etc. resulting in one unhappy Adam!!

All that aside, I am genuinely pleased with the product that I received and the service that this talented artist offered!!!

Now I just have to paint the bastards!!!

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