Back on the horse

The astute reader will realise that thegoldend6 is no more! Unfortunately, the hassle and cost of running the domain was getting annoying so I created SprueGrey. The Golden D6 was also, technically, a construct of a group of mates who got together and played toy soldiers. SprueGrey is a lot more me focussed.

After the name expired, and the hoo-hah of Christmas and New Year had passed, it was time to get back to the serious business of playing with toy soldiers again. I’m keen to get back to a lot more Infinity, continuing with Warhammer 40000, possibly delving into Warhammer Fantasy and resurrecting my Ressurectionists (get it?) for Malifaux.

It’s pretty cool that the Hampton Games Club is so all encompassing when it comes to miniature game systems. I am hoping that Warhammer 40000 gets a higher profile, especially as Hampton Games Club do really well at the VICC tournament, that coupled with some new blood (and old) who are showing interest.

By having a look at my Painting Pledge, it is plain that I don’t NEED another system anytime soon; I plan to stay well away from Kickstarter. Well, I might glance occasionally at it.

And all this frenetic hobby has to be done before August when my first child will be born. Somehow, I don’t imagine that there will be much hobby, more or less, playtime on hand.

I am planning more frequent updates too. I have managed to rack up at least an hour a night for the last two weeks behind the painting table and now that the worst of the Melbourne summer has gone, it’s possible to paint without the paint drying instantly on your brush!!

You should totally subscribe and thanks for reading. Here’s hoping your miniatures aren’t sprue grey.