Big News

Big news is coming for the Golden D6.

Foul portents abound, rivers of blood, plagues of locusts, cats and dogs living together; total anarchy, basically.

Picture a landscape, a sunsets behind it, the sounds of war echo from an unseen battle. From the unseen battle a lone figure strides, head held high, his battle gear showing signs of the intensity of the battle. The sun behind him hides his face from an observer.

What is clear is the this mighty warrior is one not be dealt with lightly …

He utters the words, “The Golden D6 has measured me and found me worthy.”

The mighty lonehunter approached the valiant warrior. He said, simply, “Kneel.”

Moments passed, as if the warrior was considering the demand. Finally the warrior knelt.

A wind whistled, echoes from the ether carried, “Yesssssss. Join usssssssss.”

lonehunter spoke once more, “You are now one of us. Rise; rise and fight.”

Let the history books record this momentous event. On this day Badfang is one of the Golden D6. Woe betide his foes.