The Blood Bowl Season Has Started!

Back to blogging and what better way to start than with AWESOME news.

From Fantasy Flight Games comes a Bloodbowl CCG, Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game! Admittedly, my gaming time has been a little on the limited side, but this is the sort of thing (based on experiences with Magic, Jyhad etc) that is an easy set up and play type game.

The initial offering gives players a chance to play a Dwarf, Wood Elf, Orc, Human, Chaos or Skaven team. All the big names and my Goblin, Ogre and Necromantic teams are relegated to the minor leagues at the moment, one would hope!

Game play looks pretty interesting. The game is played over five rounds and each round represents one week of a season. The culmination is the Blood Bowl tournament. At the end of the season, the manager with the most fans wins the game.

I have to say that Blood Bowl: Team Manager looks really exciting and an interesting distraction during the wargames off season.

“I love this game!” (Link to rules)