BREAKING NEWS: The Crookback Boogers!


The Naffle recently have instituted rules that are blatently anit-Gobbo. It is now illegal to employ big guys in a goblin team unless you pay ridicoulsy exhoribtant fees. We now have to rely on pogo-ers, fanatics and other goblin specialists. Krump and Frump were indespensible in the Boogers front line and now the Naffle have taken the “WHAM!” out of our offensive line (made more so by da Oga brothers questionable personal habits!).

It’s the clearest cut case of discrimiation against obvious greatness in the history of this great game. Crookback Booger managemnet have decided to sell the franchice to an enchanting young lady from Sylvania, the Baroness Lucretia Belladonna.

The Baroness was quoted in a rare media interview, “The first thing I am going to do is take these boys out for a bite!”

The millions and millions of the Crookback Boogers fans pin high hopes on the new management and the direction they will take them in. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.