BREAKING NEWS: The Crookback Boogers

In secret caverns beneath the Crookback Mountains hope has been returned to the game of Blood Bowl!

After what is being quoted as “”managerial disagreements””, the Lady Lucretia Belladonna has relinquished her ownership of the greatest goblin team to ever grace this most noble game.

New owners have taken posession of this powerful and popular franchise and have big plans! Training session have been gruelling; squigs have been squashed, bodies broken and hapless “training dummies” sent screaming from the training ground. At this point, the Bashem Brothers have only eaten six aspiring (and, up until the first devouring, entirely willing) trainees!

A bright new future dawns, the likes of Slobby Don need cower in fear as great names like The Blue Meanie and The Flying Linguini take the field. Surely the outcome of the inaugural DABBLE league is now a foregone conclusion.

Negoitiations are in place with the organisers to have the Crookback Boogers name engraved on the Cup in anticipation of it inevitable possessees.