BREAKING NEWS: The Crookback Boogers Theme Song!

With the rapid approach of the DABBLE league, the Crookback Boogers managers (still shrouded in secrecy) realised that the millions of Boogers fans have nothing to sing as their team is winning game after game.

In an interview with the press the management team is quoted as saying, “HAHAHAHAHAAA!! The DABBLE Rotten Boot trophy is ours, all ours!!!”

However, to give something back to the fans, we have come up with the following inspirational song. We expect to hear our rabid fans screaming this so loudly that their throats are dried out and other fans ears are left bleeding as they lament their loss to the mighty Boogers!!!

Good all Boogers forever,
They know how to cheat and win.
Side by side they’ll win forever,
We’ll lie, we’ll cheat, we’ll sin.
See the fans all a-rioting,
As all good fans should.
Glory always to the Boogers.
The good old Crookback Boo-o-o-o-gers!!

I still love this game!!