Brotherhood of Rust – Squad One

As previously mentioned on Twitter, I have come good with the promise of photos of my first squad completed.

These guys are part of my new Warhammer 40000 Plague Marine army. As can be seen in other articles, the progress has been a little slow with the painting of Plague Marines. I blame (in no particular order)

  • work
  • the stupidly hot weather at the moment
  • life in general
  • motivation (I’ll address this one later)

Without further ado (and thanks greatly to my lovely and talented wife (Mrs Jones and Me Media) for the photos) here is the first squad!

brotherhood of rust nurgle plague marines

The squad consists of seven Plague Marines, two with Meltaguns, and a champion with a Power Fist and Plasma pistol.

The scheme is half and half Iron Warriors and Nurgle.

They were originally going to be normal Chaos Marines with the mark of Nurgle, but for the points, why wouldn’t you pay for Plague Marines? Also, below, is the unit champion. It’s a brilliant photograph and something in the squad I am especially happy with. This squad is just lacking it’s Rhino transport which will be done in the same scheme as the rest of the squad.

nurgle plague marine aspiring champion

The reason that I like this model is the zombie head. It’s such a simple and pretty effective conversion that (I think) fits right into the theme and the feel of the army.