Brotherhood Of Rust – Work continues

Melbourne In Flames is just around the corner and now that I’m out of work again, i have a lot more time on my hands.

Rather than torturing my fiance and son for attention, I have decided to devote some effort to the Plague Marines I am using for the 1500 point tournament.

Melbourne In Flames is a relative newcomer to the tournament scene but is absolutley storming along with its third year. 130 places all sold out! (If only we could have done that with OUR tournament it may still be running!!!)

I still haven’t figured out my list yet, so I’m just putting together troops at the moment. They’re (as you can read elsewhere) an amalgam of my Iron Warriors and a Plague Marine warband. Or so the fluff goes.

My current plan is to start with a core of four or five units of Plague Marines and then build things from there.

The problem is the HQ choice. Everyone takes a Daemon Prince with Wings and Warptime etc. BORING!! Regrettably, that’s really the only competitive build for Nurgle. I plan to prove them wrong …

Progress shots so far …

Plague Marine Rhino Chaos Space Marine Rhino Chaos Space Marine Rhino

Chaos Space Marine Plague Marine ChampionChaos Space Marine Plague MarineChaos Space Marine Plague Marine

Chaos Space Marine Terminator conversion