Building an effective Combined Army Caskuda list

Welcome to my first attempt to build an effective 300 point list around the Combined Army Caskuda model. At 111 points and 3 SWC, this is one hard model to build a list around and wouldn’t be very effective at lower points levels.

Combined Army List (300 points) Orders: 10
Caskuda MULTI HMG, Heavy FT SWC:3.0 Cost:111
  • It’s all about the Caskuda, hence the list. As detailed here the tactics are to AD: Combat Jump deep into enemy territory and wreak havoc in that way only a Caskuda can.
  • The Caskuda WILL eventually die. Even if your opponent has to spend an entire round, at the very least with any luck, that whole reaction turn will stop them killing the rest of your order pool.
  • Whilst rampaging (don’t forget the Explode skill when you land), the Caskuda should make back it’s 111 points in kills and maybe even complete a few objectives too!
Malignos Lieutenant,Combi Rifle, Light Shotgun, AP Mines, Pistol, Knife SWC:2.0 Cost:37
Malignos Combi Rifle, Light Shotgun, AP Mines, Pistol, Knife SWC:0.0 Cost:37
  • Two Malignos, one Lieutenant and one normal. Both can deploy fully hidden with CH: TO Camouflage and Infiltration. In this list, you aren’t totally starved for orders for the Caskuda, so deploying these two as hidden markers is an option.
  • To maximize the available order pool, they can both deploy as TO Camo markers. This helps to keep the Malignos Lieutenant alive for longer as it has to be discovered before it can be shot. And with two markers, the enemy has to figure out which is the Lieutenant.
  • Without skills like G: Mnemonica, you have to protect your Lieutenant. However, the Malignos does come with Auto Med Kit to help them survive.
Morat Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife SWC:0.0 Cost:16
Morat Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife SWC:0.0 Cost:16
Morat Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife SWC:0.0 Cost:16
Morat Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife SWC:0.0 Cost:16
  • Morats with Combi Rifles; what’s not to love. They’re resilient because of armour, average shots and decent is close combat. I’m interested in these guys to fill my order pool. At sixteen points per model, they’re expensive for grunt troopers.
Zerat Hacker (Hacking Device),Combi Rifle, D-Charges, Pistol, Knife SWC:0.5 Cost:33
  • The Zerat Hacker is an awesome looking miniature (that’s why it’s in here!) and adds a lacking Hacking option to this list. CH: Mimetism means that opponents have -3 to hit the Zerat.
Imetron Electric Pulse SWC:0.0 Cost:4
Ikadron Batroid Baggage, Repeater, Light FT, Light FT, Flash Pulse, Pistol, Electric Pulse, SWC:0.0 Cost:9
  • Cheap orders, that’s about it
  • The Ikadron Batroid with two Light Flamethrowers poses some interesting options for back of table objective protection
    Total SWC: 5.5 Total Points: 295

Generated with Infinity Pool

Tactics and notes about the list
This list is a one-trick-pony. If you win the initiative, drop the Caskuda in a position to do as much damage as possible. In your opponent’s turn, protect your order pool and don’t be too shocked if the Caskuda gets destroyed.
Keep in mind your special rules!!
Following is a summary of all the special rules in use by the army.

  • Regular
  • Not Impetuous
  • G: Remote Presence
  • AD: Combat Jump
  • ECM
  • Explode – Used by the Caskuda when it Combat Jumps, this Explode DOES NOT kill the Caskuda
  • Shasvastii – Shasvastii have three levels: Unconscious, Dead, and Spawn. When the Shasvastii is Dead, replace it with a Spawn-Embryo Marker. The Spawn-Embryo cannot move from its location, attack, or defend itself. It has ARM 0, BTS 0 and if it suffers one Wound it must be removed from the battlefield.
  • AutoMedKit
  • CH: TO Camouflage
  • Infiltration
  • AI Beacon
  • Morat – Morat troops in an army increases the Retreat! threshold from 60% to 75%.
  • CH: Mimetism
  • Baggage
  • Repeater – Boosts hacking ranges
  • G: Autotool

The other goal is to keep the Lieutenant alive. If you win the initiative, deploy both Malignos as TO Camo markers in order to maximize the number of orders that are available for the Caskuda when it hits the table. Without Initiative, it is a good idea to deploy them as hidden markers, revealing them in your turn or in your opponent’s turn if the Malignos are presented an easy kill!
More TO Camo markers would be better to hide the Lieutenant. If you massage the numbers a bit and reduce the order pool, it is possible to squeeze an Anathematic in there too!
The other limiting factor in this list is range. The Multi Heavy Machine Gun is the only gun in the list that has significant range; ninety-six inches is the maximum and the sweet spot is between eight and thirty-two inches. The other prevalent gun is the Combi Rifle; it only has a range of forty-eight inches and a sweet spot between eight and sixteen inches.

And there we have my first in depth list. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

All the wonderful Combined Army miniatures listed should be available from your FLGS.