Buyer beware!

As we are all aware, Forge World do some pretty amazing stuff supporting the Warhammer and Warhammer 40000 universes. Some of it is a little hit and miss, but generally it is of an exceptionally high quality.

Of course, with such a niche product comes an associated price; magic maths involving currency conversion aside, Forge World models are GENERALLY more expensive than normal Warhammer miniatures.

The more creative of us may be aware of certain resources that are out there, in foreign lands, that offer quite significant discounts on Forge World products.

It takes a little bit of searching through Google to find these sources, but they’re there to see. In a fit of curiosity, yours truly decided to give it a whirl all detective and sneaky like.

A number of the sites are not in my native language, English. This makes navigation really difficult even with the aid of translators built into the web browsers used.

After trying a number of sources, a site in English was found and an order placed. The site followed the same concepts employed by one of the internet’s biggest auction web sites; the experience was very straight forward: find the object and purchase it (at a significant discount compared to the price on the Forge World site).

They say, “Buyer beware!” As you can see below, the packaging has really taken a beating! It’s properly dented and upon arrival had me very nervous about the contents inside. Free shipping translates to “Smash this box if you want to, Mr. Postman.” Also, free shipping may mean, “throw the package as far as you can towards the destination and wait for someone else to pick it up and do the same”; it is quoted as taking between 15-45 days to deliver and probably took seventeen days to get here.

china forge packaging

It’s a miracle that the products inside weren’t destroyed. They came through unscathed, thankfully.

china forge contents

I dry-fitted the model to verify it was what I had ordered. The model was of remarkably high quality, with minimal amounts of flash and offcuts. One quick trim of a couple of tabs and the model was ready to glue together and put into the pile of unpainted miniatures …

The whole experience was interesting to test. I was on tender hooks for seventeen days wondering wether I had just blown my cash on something that would never come. I also feel dirty having spent the money on something that I know is a knock off. I have always been a fan of the work that comes out of Forge World and done my best to support it whenever I can.

I wouldn’t say don’t do it. However, I will say that I won’t do it again in a hurry.