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Gaslands review

Gaslands is the brain child of Mike Hutchinson. He is a gamer and modeller who started writing wargames at the tender age of 15.

In Gaslands, a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future (that all good sci-fi settings should have), the year in 2018 and the Earth has been occupied by Martians for 19 years. Read On…

Ratboy reviews – A Fistful of Kung Fu

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I have discovered a new FLGS (Friendly Local Games Store) in Footscray. Not so local, but accessible.
Much like Bushido and Dark Age, I’ve been looking at Osprey Publishing’s A Fistful of Kung-Fu for ages. Whilst checking out the Infinity casual play night out at Kayjay’s Games and Hobbies Café, I took the chance to lighten their stock of the Osprey Publishing’s range.
Read On…