Circle Orboros Warpack for sale

As part of my self confessed hobby attention deficit disorder, I find that I am in possession of stupid amount of miniatures that are
a) painted and gathering dust
b) still waiting to be taken from whatever packaging they were purchased in and gathering dust; or,
c) Taken from said packaging, assembled, looked at, and put away on a shelf to gather dust.

Maybe I should enter the lucrative and exciting world of dust commodities …

In order to clean up a bit in the mancave, I have to part with the following:
Kaya Wildborne

Circle Orboros Warlock Kaya Wildborne Circle Orboros Warlock Kaya Wildborne

One Warpwolf heavy warbeast and

Circle Orboros warbeast warpwolf Circle Orboros warbeast warpwolf

Two non-identical Argus light warbeasts

Circle Orboros Argus Circle Orboros Argus
Circle Orboros Argus

Circle Orboros Argus

All four of these superbly crafted miniatures are painted well above tabletop standard and have significant work done to the bases (the bases of the Argus have been cleaned up of excess paint).

The paint scheme is away from the boring, stock standard and has taken on a more autumnal theme, heavily using red as the feature colour with brown accents. Many other players out there would be envious of such a radical deviation from the norm. The good news is, that the scheme is simple to replicate and if you contact me in the comments below, I will gladly share it.

These wonderful miniatures can be yours by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. As an added bonus, I will ship worldwide for FREE! This is not an auction, there is no reserve; just a fixed price. First in best dressed! In fact, comment below to show off your purchase.

These fine examples of a Hordes warpack are now listed on eBay! Quick, buy now!

+++UPDATE+++ The Warpack has been sold and will be winging it’s way to it’s new home in the next couple of days! Congratulations to the winner!

Upon purchase, the miniatures will be shipped out within two working days.
Every effort will be made to ship them as safely and securely as possible, however, there is no way for me to account for what the postal service does!
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