Ratboy Reviews – Citadel Finecast Urien Rakarth

Okay, I am a bit slow on the uptake, but I have finally got my hands on some Citadel Finecast and I’ve got to say I’m impressed!

At the moment, there are rumours floating around that indicate that Finecast is only a short run thing and the Gaames Workshop are going to start winding it back in place of more detailed plastics. I subscribe to the belief that having invested in Finecast, I can’t see that Games Workshop are suddenly going to withdraw the resin Finecast product.

From a modellers view, and particularly one who has a Sisters of Battle army, the resin was delightful to work with. Removing the model parts from the mould was probably the only difficult part of the process.

I was wandering around my local Games Workshop (Southland) and finally parted with some of my hard earned to acquire some new products. Since moving house, other priorites have taken precedence over my gaming time. I still hold visions in my head of the horror of a Dark Eldar mutant force lead by Urien Rakarth.

Urien makes Wracks troop types and any units of Grotesques can be upgraded to S6! He also gives out D3 Pain Tokens at the start of the game, which must go to Wrack or Grotesque units. He regains one wound at the start of each Dark Eldar turn.

Finecast Urien Rakarth Review

Finecast Urien Rakarth review

The Finecast Urien was crisp and incredibly detailed, but some of the arm attachments are a little brittle and had to be very carefully removed. Also, unlike some of the horror stories, there were no obvious blemishes apart from a couple of mould lines that were easily removed and the expected resin overcast as part of the manufacturing process.

I was really impressed by the level of detail in this model and really hope that Finecast is around for a while.

Of course, I also predicted that the secret release this year wouldn’t be the updated version of Man O War.