Combined Army 300 point battle report

Or, sneaky, sneaky aliens. Can Combined Army do stealth? As it turns out, yes they can, quite well, in fact!

Down at Hampton for my semi-regular gaming experience. This time with a goal. After realising that the Combined Army has access to a TO: Camo TAG (I’m a little slow on the uptake!), I rushed off my FLGS to but the Shasvastii Sphinx.

Regular readers will be well aware of my love affair with the Caskuda, however, we may well have a new contender for a place in my heart!

The Combined Army force looked like this:

  • Shasvastii Sphinx w/ Spitfire, Heavy FT, Heavy FT, EXP CCW
  • Shasvastii Noctifer: Lieutenant w/ Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife
  • Malignos w/ MULTI Sniper Rifle, AP Mines, Pistol, Knife
  • Malignos w/ MULTI Sniper Rifle, AP Mines, Pistol, Knife
  • Daturazi Witch-Soldier w/ Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenade, Pistol, SH CCW
  • Daturazi Witch-Soldier w/ Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenade, Pistol, SH CCW
  • Daturazi Witch-Soldier w/ Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenade, Pistol, SH CCW
  • Morat: Paramedic (Medkit) w/ Combi Rifle, Pistol, Knife
  • Imetron w/ Electric Pulse
  • Imetron w/ Electric Pulse

There is a great amount of stealth in there with four TO: Camo blips put down on the table at the start of the game. Two Malignos snipers, the Sphinx, and the Noctifier lieutenant.

Of note in the list (for the moment) is the Sphinx. The Sphinx TAG is a 6-6 movement beast with Climbing Plus. I found that getting over the board was really easy as the Sphinx went hurtling up walls and over buildings with ease. The games we play are very heavy on scenery as well which works to both players’ advantage. It’s armed with a Spitfire and two heavy flamethrowers and can really hand out the damage. In my first turn, I was able to dump a heap of orders into the Sphinx and wreak havoc amongst my opponent’s KTS force. The TO: Camo meant that Sphinx was hidden until it started firing. There was a tense moment as my opponent made a Discover ARO, which he thankfully failed!

The first time using a model (or a new list) is always a bit of a learning experience and I learned a lot using the Sphinx the first time as part of a TO: Camo heavy list.

  • The Sphinx’s base move of 6-6 is huge! And while moving it 4-4 to hide it amongst other TO: Camo blips initially, it’s not making the best usage of the Sphinx’s abilities.
  • Superclimb allows you to treat any vertical surface as if it were horizontal. This means that the Sphinx can end it’s move halfway up a wall, Spiderman-style, if so desired.
  • Splitting fire with the Spitfire is a good way to thin out lightly armoured troops, but a flamethrower will really make sure the job is done right!
  • It takes a full order to go back into TO: Camo after you’re revealed
  • Even a TAG that has TO: Camo and Climbing Plus needs support from other models in the army. Either invest in some AD: Combat Drop troops or move a number of models forward into better position to support each other
  • Play the mission! It’s fun to have new toys; when the game relies on fulfilling objectives, no amount of exciting new toys will help you win. I’ll say it again, “Play the mission!”
  • Three crits out of eight shots that kill your TAG should be illegal!!

The one main point I take away from the loss, four mission points to two: support your troops. Running the TAG off by itself was fun, but AROs and your opponents turn have to be taken into account!

Do you now see why the mighty Combined Army is to be feared?!

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