Combined Army Morat evolution

Some of the Infinity range has gone through a re-sculpt over the years as the universe is reimagined, and it finally time for the Morats to get the treatment.

The old sculpts of the Morat Vanguard infantry were the models that interested me in Infinity.
The red faced aliens totally did it for me.
Whilst most of the Infinity range is dynamically posed and exciting, the Morats (despite their red faces and evil, alien menace) seemed more static and single posed.

Old Morat Vanguard miniatures

Players just wanting the Morat Aggression Force (introduced in Human Sphere), could buy the Combined Army Starter which also included a Charontid and a Malignos sniper. Not pure Morat Aggression, for sure!

The new Morat Aggression Force box set is quite a change from the original. They’re HUGE compared to the old sculpts, and especially when standing next to some puny humans! And dynamic? The poses for the Sectorial Starter box figures are brilliant. All the menace of alien overlords is well and truly there! On top of that is the Morat troop options box which compiles all remaining weapon options for the basic Morat troopers.

New Morat Vanguard Infantry

And don’t get me started on the new Daturazi Witch-Soldiers!!! It’s a great time to be an alien!