Combined Army vs Haqqislam 300 point battle report

On Saturday I was FINALLY able to get down to my local gaming club to move some toy soldiers around and throw some dice. I managed to get in a refresher game of Malifaux (Gremlins vs. Rezzers) and then onto Infinity.

It has been a while since I last played a game and I have forgotten how awesome the system is. The game mechanics are quite intuitive and, although the typical game lasts for four turns, it’s frenetic as you move and have people react to shoot you; it’s really quite exciting!

My Combined army at 300 points looked like this:

  • Charontid – Lieutenant (Multispectral Visor Level 3, Plasma Rifle and Nano Pulsar)
  • Caskuda – Multi HMG and Flame Thrower
  • Malignos – Multi Sniper rifle and TO:Camo
  • 3 Morat Vanguard Infantry (1 with HMG)

That’s right, seven orders in the pool at peak, six if the Malignos deploys in full stealth mode.

My Haqqislam opponent made heavy use of Viral weaponry and I am VERY thankful for the high BTS attributes of the Caskuda and Charontid especially.

The new mission system gives players one shared, common objective and one secret object each. The shared objective was a building that had to be destroyed in the opponent’s deployment zone and my secret objective was to retrieve documents/cubes from dead or unconscious opponents.

One thing that I want to focus on from the game is the infamous Caskuda Bomb! The Caskuda comes with AD: Combat Drop and Explode when it lands (more details here. In my game I was extremely lucky to get the choice of first turn. Without this, my Caskuda would have been subject to potential hack attempts by my opponent. Not going first would have meant using AD: Combat Drop to walk onto the table.

The Caskuda hit the table, exploding and killing two Haqq troopers, one with a viral sniper rifle and the other with an EMP blast. The first turn had the Caskuda eat up the order pool, killing lots of troops and claiming my secret victory conditions.

The Caskuda Bomb requires careful planning; dropping it out in the open or in front of your opponent’s army means a lot of reactions to it’s landing, generally a lot of heavy fire power coming it’s way. In this case, the first two to die were isolated in the corner and the Caskuda was able to move along the line, only able to expose itself to the next victim. Turn one saw the Caskuda reclaim it’s points back and put a serious dint in the Haqqislam order pool.

Theoretically, the Caskuda should have survived the Haqqislam turn. Some very bad armour saves against viral weaponry saw it dropped to the deck and out of the game. The scary thing about viral weaponry is not it’s low strength, but the save is done on your BTS. The Caskuda has a BTS of -6, so the saves against the 13 strength viral shots was modified by a huge amount. Regrettably, not enough to save the Caskuda …

The rest of the game saw an infiltrating Haqq take out three Morat’s leaving the Lieutenant (Charontid) to run up the table and plant the bomb on the building in my opponent’s deployment zone. Total victory points of four bested my opponent’s three. A very lucky win and I’m excited to play Infinity again. Not with the Caskuda bomb, though; that s#it is broken!

Probably with Caskuda Bomb; that s#it is FUN!!