Conquest report

Ahem .. yeah, so I made it at the last moment. I even resisted taking Iron Warriors and got together a Sister of Battle army! Okay, so technically it wasn’t MY army. Mega-hugem cred goes to the original and supreme Sister himself, mjb. So, sit back and see The Golden D6’s own mascot feature presentation: Conquest 2007 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Sisters.

The day dawned a beautiful Melbourne autumn day. Perfect for sitting around inside all day and playing with toy soldiers! Nine o’clock in the morning is a little bit rude for a public holiday, but THANKFULLY the new puppy at home makes sure you know when it is time to let her out or she’s going to crap all over the laundry. After cleaning up something that a little dog surely shouldn’t be able to produce it was time to go! Melbourne High School is Conquest’s venue and it’s always interesting driving down Chapel Street and seeing a whole heap of people in front of Revolver for reasons unknown, especially on Good Friday. Young people these days!!!! Still, I digress.

After the obligatory catch up with the regulars, it was GAME ON!!

My list was follows:

  • Cannoness – Blessed Weapon, Cloak of St Aspira, Bolt pistol, Rosarius, Frag grenades
  • 14 Sisters – Veteran Sister Superior w/ Eviscerator and Bolt pistol, Heavy Flamer, Imagifier
  • 14 Sisters – Veteran Sister Superior w/ Eviscerator and Bolt pistol, Flamer
  • 6 Celestians – Veteran Sister Superior, 2 Flamers, Immolator w/ Twin-linked Multimeltas
  • 10 Seraphim – Veteran Sister Superior w/ Eviscerator and Bolt pistol, Purity seals, 2 Inferno pistols
  • 8 Retributors – Veteran Sister Superior, 4 Heavy Bolters, Imagifier
  • 1 Exorcist – Extra armor, Dozer blade
  • 1 Exorcist – Extra armor, Dozer blade

GAME 1 – Mark McLaughlin (Loki)
MISSION: Fight for Glory – Marc had a most interesting Thousand Suns army led by a special character from a Chapter Approved article who has, effectively, a Veil of Darkness and teleports units around with him. Scary! The mission was straight VPs with 18 inch deployment and no push back. So there is no minimum distance you can be away from your opponent. I think I was incredibly lucky that his daemons and Terminators didn’t show up until later in the game. Mark originally deployed his general and two troop choices in cover and both Dreadnoughts (armed with Las-cannons) in plain sight. So what was a sister to do but shoot the two Dreads into the middle of next week?! Whoo, VPs for me in turn one. Then things got interesting. Pretty well all of Mark’s army has two or more wounds. Hails of bolter shots and the occasional Divine Guidance working properly still didn’t help drop things with two wounds. However, a couple of turns of my whole army (pretty well) pouring it on managed to thin their ranks a bit.
WHAT I LEARNT: At medium range, the sisters can REALLY had out the whap. Without all those extra wounds, Mark would have had a fair worse time of it, that’s for sure. Also, strength 3 (or strength 6 Eviscerators) don’t mean all the much against toughness 4 opponents with two wounds. I admit that I was very lucky that his Greater Daemon and Flamers didn’t show up until later in the game, but my fear of Greater Daemons was unfounded. Mark was someone that I haven’t faced in tournament play before, and I would happily do so again! The long and the short of it: at the tally of VPs, the difference was 149 (in my favour) and thus was calculated as a draw.

GAME 2 – Tim Beatty (Doom-hell-orion-priest-poodle)
MISSION: Grab for Glory(?) – I can’t help but think that the deck is stacked against the Golden D6. Sam and Al played in the first round and now it was Tim and me! If I didn’t know better someone was planning this!! MUWAHAHAAHAAAAHAAAA!! Tim is, as ever, an excellent opponent. This was grab a point in the center of the table with scoring units. This mission was played along the length of the table rather than across it. Unlike Mark, Tim is not as afraid of Exorcists. My current play sees me deploying the Exorcists in positions behind cover and then moving them out in the first couple of turns to start giving up some blast! I managed to hide my two big units of sisters behind some forests right behind the objective, the idea behind which was to move through the forest and shoot heaps at anything that was in front of them. In the meantime, the Seraphim, the Exorcists, the Celestians and their Immolator did a more than passable job hurting marines.
WHAT I LEARNT: Landraiders are well hard. I spent the better part of three turns chasing one with a surprisingly resilient Immolator! Marines, whilst hard, if properly separated and masses of fire directed at them, can be defeated. Multiple flamers fired against even densely packed Marines can be extremely devastating! At the end of the game, it was a victory to me as I had one unit withing six inches of the objective and Tim’s scoring unit was literally half an inch from contesting. So, yes, a victory, but an INCREDIBLY close one.

GAME 3 – James McKay (Ammo Runt)
MISSION: Run for Glory Young James I have known for AGES and yet never faced across a table, so I was both interested and hesitant to see how he would fare. His army was an entirely mounted Speed Freeks army. I had a fair idea of how this would work and was not looking forward to the pain that would follow. The one saving grace (I thought) was the Escalation mission condition that meant his ENTIRE army started off the board. Oh god … More trucks than I can imagine came screaming across the table at me!! Combat in the second turn was very scary!! Orks on the charge (note to self) should be avoided at all costs. I had purposely deployed my army in a loose formation to help counter the effectiveness of the ubiquitous Basilisk. However, I STUPIDLY deployed my veteran sisters at the front of the units, so they were the first to die in the onslaught! Thanks to escalation, the Basilisk didn’t show up until about turn four. Thankfully, young James is deathly afraid of Exorcists, rightly so with armor 10 transports carrying around his troops. Had my two big units not been UTTERLY brutalized by Ork close combat, I would have been in a better position to maneuver and make better use of this fear.
WHAT I LEARNT: Quarter grabs against highly mobile troops are very hard to win when you aren’t. I managed to hammer what Orks I could see, but there were more buggys hidden than I could draw lines of sight to and they zoomed out to either grab quarters or contest them at the end. Regrettably, a hard fought battle, complete with a late game comeback by the Sisters, ended in defeat!! A very hard game against a style of opponent that I freely admit I wasn’t geared to deal with. James played his game extremely well and deserved the win he got.

Day two began, as normal, with the beauty pageant. I always enjoy looking around and seeing other people’s vision of the 41st millennium. Cam’s Imperial Guard army was a stand out, as was tartanarmy’s Fallen, Rowan’s daemon bomb list was interesting, especially the Obliterators (unfortunately, not part of the army). So, after getting a good look around, it was time to discover my table and my next opponent.

GAME 4 – Curtis Hodgkinson
MISSION: Wait for Glory I mean, really. Who can be expected to deal with Necrons first thing in the morning?! Still, Curtis is someone that I haven’t played before, so this was an opportunity to be grasped and liberally sprayed down with the holy flamers of the Adeptas Sororitas. Necrons continue to be a hard opponent for me to deal with. This is largely thanks to my total inability to deal with Veil Of Darkness, Resurrection Orbs and two units of Necrons appearing from nowhere and hosing all my tanks down with Gauss weapons. Curtis’ army was pretty interesting with two lords, a five man unit of Destroyers, a couple of Tomb Spiders, only three (that I remember) units of boys and a couple or Wraiths. There was nothing that was hugely worrying, I am well aware of how brutal Necrons are when they unload on you, not because they bypass your army, but because of the sheer number of saves that have to be made. So, that was going to be interesting. There was a lot of back and forth, a lord Veiling some boys around to destroy all my tanks(!!) and an impressive charge by Seraphim on said units utterly invalidated by a Resurrection Orb. We’ll Be Back is a killer!! And the Res Orb meant that my Divine Guidance enhanced combat was incredibly less effective than usual.
WHAT I LEARNT: Necrons SUCK!! Curtis was an excellent opponent who played the quarter grab mission with deployment in opposite corners very well for a comparatively slow moving army. At the end it was an eight point draw for me. Certainly in this game, my tanks suffered far more than in any other thanks mostly to the Necrons and their wonderful ability to get glancing hits on six. When you hit something 20 or so times, it’s inevitable that you have to get a couple of sixes for penetration!!

GAME 5 – Rowan Fotheringham
MISSION: Something Else for Glory Get across the board and into your opponent’s deployment zone. How hard can that be? Well, VERY easy when you start the game with one lord on a bike! Rowan took a big chance by charging down my right side into an Immolator, Exorcist and six waiting Celestians. It paid off, a few AP1 missiles, a twin-linked Multi-melta (set to defrost; STUPID, STUPID ones!!) and some flamers and a few bolters doing some Divine Guidance love saw him shaken but not stirred. I was under extra pressure as the one and only Veteran Sister Superior, Bishop was watching me try to get the game over in turn one. Part of me really wanted to do it to Rowan, but it certainly made it more interesting that I couldn’t. Rowan’s basic plan seemed to be turbo boost across the board, survive until turn two and then vomit daemons all over my deployment zone. He had eleven scoring units for this mission, so my meager six units couldn’t just run across the board and hope to weather the storm. This was a plan that he executed most excellently. Next thing I knew, there were Bloodletters, Furies and Daemonettes all over the shop showing me just how pathetic my army is at close combat. And to add to that, later in the game, Flamers of Tzeentch pounding the piss out of what was left of my army. There was a lot of back and forth, as I frantically tried to pop all his daemons (or at least get them below half strength. Rowan, very intelligently hid two units of Daemonettes stashed in the back corner of the board where I couldn’t reach them and thus garnered a win. In fact, a nineteen point win to the big fella. My only saving grace was that I FINALLY managed to kill his lord and get a point.
WHAT I LEARNT: I really enjoyed playing Rowan. The army he played scared the crap out of me, but after I got over this, it presented a very interesting challenge. Were I to go for a daemon bomb army, this one would be it.

GAME 6 – Rick Ellis
MISSION: Another Mission with Glory in the Title Escalation, you reckon? …. it only works if you remember it! Ahem … yeah, read the mission and then read it again. Night fight first turn, a triangular deployment and victory points. It’s the last game of a tourney: ‘Nuff said. Rick had a Khorne army, sorta daemon-bomb-esque with three units of four bikers, three units of eight Bloodletters and a standard scary Lord. There was lots of nice cover for turbo boosting bikers, and some extremely average shooting from me at what little I could see. This lead to me LOVING the Spirit of the Martyr invulnerable saves. What is the worst thing to let a Khorne army do to you? Oh, that’s right; engage you in hand to hand combat!! It hurts, that’s all I can say. By the end of turn five, I had been utterly brutalized by Hellblades, Khornate Chainaxes and a lord who refused to die to my Eviscerator.

So, gentle reader, the Golden D6’s mascot managed to finish 27th out of 37 at Conquest, where battle points rule the day.

This with an army that was thrown together at the last minute and given a trial by fire as it’s play testing. If I could do the army again, I would move a couple of the Simalcrum’s around (three dice to test on acts of Faith is awesome!!!) and throw in as many Books of St Lucius as points would allow.

Possibly including more than two units of Sisters would also have been nice, but the Immolator with multi meltas was a good choice, and more Seraphim would have been lovely. Beggars can’t be choosers and I openly thank Mr. Boles for his last minute intervention.

I still don’t like getting zero points for a game, but Conquest will be a tourney that I will continue to go to and try to do better at. I played six excellent opponents and four that I have never faced before. Well worth it and my thanks go out to all involved.

Special guest appearances by Jimmeh made the weekend that much more enjoyable, of course!!