Crookback Boogers vs.Slobby Don’s Puking Pus Buckets

The DABBLE pre-season started with a bang today with six valiant teams duking it out. The much favoured Crookback Boogers had to face off against Slobby Don’s Puking Pus Buckets. Undoubtedly this was THE matchup of the pre-season and the millions and millions of the Crookback Boogers fans turned out in force to support their team!

In other matches the Middenhiem Demons were decimated by some Dark Elf deviants, the Dark Star Drifters. Given such a flogging in the first round of the pre-season, many of the "faithful" Demons fans are wondering wether they should put their support behind a powerhouse team like the Boogers! It would seem that the Amazons scanty costumes and … "enthusiastic" playing style did little to distract the Orks of the Boomerangs. One reporter was quoted as asking, "Why on earth would you take the field against Orks all but naked?!"

But it was the matchup of the century as the Boogers took the field against Slobby Don’s Chaos team. For the first time this season, the fans got to see their team in action with the new line-up; Smash Em and Crash Em, the troll brothers, and the greats like The Flying Linguini and Lazy Dan all recieved tumultuous applause.

Strangely, there were a number of Slobby Don fans there, and they may have been cheering that little bit louder for their heroes. There was little doubt that this would be a brutal, slobberknocker of a game! The Boogers elected to kick and Slobby Don’s would receive.

Despite being hopelessly out classed in the muscle stakes (in fact, unless they are facing off against another little guy time, the Boogers expect to be out muscled!), the Boogers setup a defence. Blood Bowl is a fickle game, but not more so than the weather. Clouds like bruises rolled in as the kickoff was taken. Before, it seemed, the ball had scattered from the kick, the clouds dumped snow upon the pitch. Of all the bad luck; a blizzard!!

After a series of awesome offensive and defensive plays, both teams were unable to break away to score. At about the half way point of the first period, Gunther the Gobbo managed to find a hole in Slobby Don’s defence and make it into the end zone and the fans went wild. Regrettably, it was at this point the fans realised that there is no team song for the Boogers, however their celebrations were still chaotic and near deafening!! Before the score, a number of the Boogers had been knocked off their feet, but, more surprisingly, a number of Slobby Don’s players had ALSO been put into the dugout needing urgent attention from the team apothecaries.

Regrettably, one of the beastmen would never leave the dugout. Much speculation ensues as to what Slobby Don’s management do with the bodies of their slain; no corpse was ever seen being removed! Someone must have spiked the punch of the Boogers because their casualties for versus against was POSITIVE by the end of the first half.

For the first time in Booger history, they were able to field a full team of eleven after the half whilst their opponents could only field ten! Unfortuately, even being a man down wasn’t enough to stop Slobby Don’s and at the start of the second half, they managed to score.

In the second half, the trend was bouncing off each other and casualties were suffered on both sides as players attempted to break through their opponents lines only to take themselves and their victim out of action! In a stupidly brave (but crowd pleasing) move, Smash Em picked up the Flying Linguini for the Boogers’ famous "Linguini Missile". More practice is needed in training as Smash Em, who remembered what he was supposed to be doing, hefted the gobbo and promptly fumbled him at his feet. This was seen as improvement on a previous attempt when his brother Crash Em decided to eat the hapless goblin in his grip rather than throw him.

In a lucky break, Slobby Don’s had received such high casualties that the Flying Linguini was able to scramble free of his team mate and eventually scramble over the line for another score for the Boogers. The rest of the game, it seemed that both teams forgot about the ball and decided to get on with the business of smashing the hell out of each other. In the most alarming injury, the Flying Linguini received injuries that proved to be beyond the ministrations to the Boogers’ apothecaries. His legacy will live on, but his spot will be filled.

So, once the dust had settled and the score tallied, the Boogers win two to one!! The Boogers’ head coach said, after the match, "If Slobby Don’s even dream about besting us, they’d better wake up and apologise!" The first steps on the path to the DABBLE glory have been taken by the Boogers! Can nothing stop them?