Dark Eldar Dracon

Two Dark Eldar updates in two days! I must be excited about the new army! Or the sky is falling …

Again, I have been kit-bashing for Dark Eldar. I’m still not terribly excited about the old miniatures and their spikes, but the Dark Elves with guns I think are a good substitute.

Onto the pictures!

Dark Eldar Dracon with
Agoniser and Splinter Pistol

Again with the bases!

This one is a back-2-basix with some add-ons inspired by something I saw ages ago on the Armourcast website. The pillar is some Evergreen Scale Model tubing cut at angles so that it leans, the platform is some styrene sheeting cut into the appropriate shape and size and filed to smooth it out a bit.

Bases are becoming something of an obsession recently. There is a plethora of basing tutorials and examples out there on the internet, and some of the stuff is beyond us mere mortals, but some of the stuff is pretty easy to replicate if you sit down and start randomly gluing old bits together!