Dark Eldar Grotesques

Work continues, slowly as ever, on my Dark Eldar army for Arcanacon next January.
I am still keen on the idea of mutants and horrors lead by Urien and his troupe of miscreants.
The Grotesques released by Games Workshop are pretty awesome and lend themselves easily to some amazing conversions.
I’ve been flexing my creative muscles hobby-wise over the last few months and having fun kit bashing all sorts of things, as you can see elsewhere on the blog. To that end, I’ve built three Grotesques more around some pit fighting behemoths that Urien got his nasty little claws into.
I’m still not quite satisfied with the end product, and those Games Workshop ones are MIGHTY tempting. However, here’s the first one of three. The Isle of Blood Rat Ogre bodies are a brilliant mix of hulking and mutant. By doing a head swap and applying a bit of green stuff to build the neck, all you need is some florist wire and some plasticard tubing and the pit fighting mutant is ready to go!
dark eldar grotesque