Dark Eldar Test Model

My Dark Eldar army has taken a bit of a back seat lately to Malifaux Resurrectionists and Outcasts. However, the news coming out of Games Day has got me all re-enthused. That and I promised Brad that I would have the photos up.

There’s a wealth of inspiration out there; google images is priceless. After digging through so many images of Dark Eldar warriors I found these:

Dark Eldar Archon paint scheme Dark Eldar Archon paint scheme

And drawing much inspiration from them came up with:
Dark Eldar Warrior paint scheme
Of course directly ripping off the paint scheme would be pretty obvious. Besides, the Dark Eldar Archon and Dracon above are pretty intense!
I am going for as dark a scheme as possible without having to highlight too much black.
Also, I have to keep in mind the brilliant inherited miniatures I am already using as Dark Eldar Warriors. The scheme is a black undercoat and then hitting it with Asuryman Blue and then starting to highlight with Necron Abyss and then Necron Abyss and Ultramarine Blue (2:1) and steadily adding more Ultramarine Blue.The Purple is Liche Purple and Chaos Black as a base, then Liche Purple and a final highlight with Liche Purple and a little bit of Rotting Flesh added to lighten.
Although my test uses the horrible old heads that I really hate, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for the remaining guys, including caving in and buying some of the new warriors too!

Dark Eldar Warrior Reaver Jetbike paint scheme
Dark Eldar Warrior Reaver Jetbike paint scheme
I have been kit bashing a lot of stuff for this army; and here is a prime example. It’s a Dark Eldar Reaver jetbike as a base, but I have tried to strip them back a bit. Also, I underslung the blaster on this bike to add an element of sleekness to it. The cloak of the Dark Eldar Corsair also helped with the decision …

My plan for the next couple of weeks, regrettably, involves starting a new job. More importantly, it involves working on some more basic troops WITHOUT special weapons in anticipation of the rapidly approaching codex!