Dark Eldar Update – Pre Games Day

The secret is out! Dark Eldar are well and truly on the way. As posted on a number of different blogs, the first of the new range will be seen at Games Day. As per the Games Workshop blog:

Yes, you read that right – the Studio have made some brand-new Dark Eldar and they’ll be here soon. I found out this morning when I was flicking through an early copy of October’s issue of White Dwarf (it’s out next week) and could barely contain my excitement. Once I’d composed myself, I passed the copy to Rob and with camera at the ready, told him to turn to the back page.

Once you’re done laughing at Rob, you can click on the image for a better look. For those of you attending UK Games Day, I’ve some more good news: Jes Goodwin will be there to talk about the Dark Eldar and knowing Jes, show off some cool Dark Eldar-related stuff. If you haven’t picked up a ticket to Games Day yet and if you live in the UK or Northern Europe, then you can order a ticket by clicking on this link. If you live anywhere else in the world, you’ll need to use the ‘Country Select’ menu at the bottom of this page and select the United Kingdom for the link to work. At the moment this is all I know about the forthcoming Dark Eldar, but as usual I’ll do my best to uncover some more information for you. Watch this space.

I have been a fan of Jes’ work since the first new Aspect Warrior Eldar miniatures were released in White Dwarf 126 and 127. So this new bodes extremely well for the upcoming releases.

On top of that little gem follows this:

Although a little blurry, it looks like the rumors of Eldar gone to Chaos are ringing true. The champion model is vaguely reminiscent of a Chaos Lord. The old Incubi were some of the standout miniatures in the range and these new ones are taking off from there.

I’ve got to admit that I have just hit the Games Workshop web page HOPING that these would be up there! The weapons definitely look like they chunky enough to add +1 Strength!!

It looks like the old wallet is in for a beating. And suddenly work will have to continue apace to get my Dark Eldar army up and running again; a little bit sooner than I would have expected.


From BoLS via 40K Online is a new image of the Dark Eldar warriors!

Although it looks something like the current Eldar Guardians, there is a definite evil slant to it! And unlike the current Dark Eldar Warriors, the spikes are more subdued and the big stupid heads are more streamlined and kinda awesome looking!

Even the weapons have been redone. Close enough to the old Splinter Rifles (that I always kinda liked) but again, more evil and Chaos looking!

Games Day will definitely be worth the admission price!