Dark Elves do Convic

Ok, so I rock up to Convic for the 3rd year; once again with a new army I have no idea of how to play … actually I dont know how to play warhammer too well either! So here is a quick rundown of my games and the highlights and lowlights …

Here’s the list:

The Armies of Carloth the Crimson.
From the Wyvern Lake Clan upon the Straits of Fear.

  • Highborn Carloth the Crimson: Manticore: Crown of Black Iron, Crimson Death, Armour of Darkness 410
  • Sorceress Verth: Level 2: Seal of Grhond, Dispell Scroll 180 Sorceress
  • Dwen’thar: Level 2:Darkstar Cloak, Dispell Scroll 175
  • Dark Elf Warriors: 20 with Shields, Light Armour, Spears, Full Command 185
  • Dark Elf Warriors: 10 with Shields, Light Armour, Repeater Crossbows, Musician 125
  • Dark Elf Warriors: 10 with Shields, Light Armour, Repeater Crossbows, Musician 125
  • Corsairs: 16 with Two Hand Weapons, Light Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Full Command 185
  • Dark Riders: 5 with Repeater Crossbows, Light ArmourSpears, Musician 127
  • 2 Cold One Chariots: 2 with Spears 194
  • Cold One Knights: 5 with Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Full Command 190
  • Executioners: 16 with Driach and Heavy Armour, Full Command, Banner of Murder 251
  • Reaper Bolt Thrower 100
    PD 7 DD 5 2247 points

Round 1 vs Dene Murphy(Empire)
He played "Magic is Fickle" I played "Fog"
Highlights: I didn’t have a massive amount of things go truly great and the game was a very even contest from start to finish, one highlight was both of his cannons misfiring in the same turn.
Lowlights: Both cannons rolling a 4 and able to shoot the next turn, the chariot on my left flank failing 4 out 6 stupidity tests (passed turn 2 and 6)
11 – 9 win for the Dark Elves!

Round 2 v GT(Nurgle Daemons)
He had to kill my general and I had to kill a unit with unit strength 12 or more decided at games start.
Highlight: Playing Gt, he actually helped me as we played! Thanks mate: some things you told me turned things for me in other games.
Low lights: Bolt Thrower missed four shots in a row (I can’t remember if it hit at all), cross bowmen paniced and ran across the front of my three blocks of troops so I couldn’t get a charge off, I failed every break test and failed fear and stupidity tests all over the joint, (It may have been against GT that I failed four fear checks in one turn so nothing could charge!?) I cast Black Horror and I think it killed 1 model.
20 – 0 loss to the Dark Elves

Round 3 v Stephen Reeves(Dark Elves)
The Dark Elves fight! I can’t remember which cards we used.
Highlights: My lord on maticore running down a unit of corsairs slamming into his lord on dragon and smacking that down too, killed some other stuff and in turn 6 made the sorceress run from terror!
Lowlight: My chariot (same one from the earlier game) failed four stupidity tests (firsts on LD 10 and then on the second moved through difficult and turn two, three and four killed itself by moving through difficult.
15 – 5 to my Dark Eves

Round 4 v Jack Brown(Vampires)
Now Jack and I had played twice before with two wins for me and one a massive smacking of his lizards with orcs then a good win with Chaos.
Highlights: The dark riders and lord on manticore charged the bats and killed them, the dark riders hit the flank of the six black knights and killed three on the charge and then the died to combat resolution.
Lowlights: After doing that they had a the flank of his 10 man? Skelies with 2 necromancers and failed their fear check! Not getting a spell off till turn 5, failing 3 stupidity with the same chariot, that chariot was nicely poised with the executioners to charge the big skeleton block, instead the charged the rear of a about 15 skeletons and I killed one, I think, bolt thrower hitting his general twice wounding once and causing 1 wound on the nightmare!
16 – 4 loss to the Dark Elves

Round 5 v Ryan C(Khorne)
Highights: First shot of the game my bolt thrower hits his daemon prince and casues 3 wounds! Chariot killing a spawn then 3 chosen knights before dying. This left the chosen knights side-on to a bolt thrower shot that killed the other 3! Pretty much everything I did turned to gold this game and Ryan had the worst luck along with a migraine.
Lowlights: None! Oh the same chariot failed twice before dying!
17 – 3 win to the Dark Elves

Round 6 v Sean Ireland(Beastmen)
Highlights: Turn 2, I killed a giant, beast herd with shaman, slammed into 3 minators and killed them the next combat phase, killed 3 centigors and made them run, all was looking great for me.
Lowlights: Turn 3 onwards! Exectutioners failed a fear check to charge, my lord on manticore was charged in the flank by 3 nurgling bases and the did no wounds I needed 4’s to hit and 2’s to kill with a magical weapon, I did one wound, the manticore did one wound which was saved and I lost by 1 (flank and outnumbered) I rolled a 12 for LD and then 1,1,2 on my 3 dice to flee! Mind you I was behind his lines and had some nice rear charges available if I could have won!
16 – 4 loss for the Dark Elves

Overall I came 33rd, 131 total, 53 for battle, 23 for sports, 30 for comp, 25 for presentaion I was stoked with the 30 for comp as it was the second highest there was! Cheers to all who I played and a massive cheers to Dom and the boys for a awesome time once again!