Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising

Steam is naughty. Well, my obsession with Warhammer is to blame as well.

I loved Dawn of War. Not just because I am a total GW fanboy, but also because I am a total real-time-strategy fanboy.

I played Command and Conquer long past it’s used by date and even today will reinstall Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge to play it for hours when I should be hobbying or doing something more productive.

DoW really changed the way that I played RTS games. The game mechanics were very different from previous games I’d played in the way that resources were collected and also the micro management of the force you were controlling.

Then came Dawn of War II. Now I went from controlling an entire force to controlling an elite force of hard hitters. With only a limited number of force slots, I now had to pick and choose which units I’d use for each mission. As they progressed, they gained experience meaning units would get better and also unlock traits and special abilities!

However, now THQ are bringing the noise once more with Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising.

dawn of war chaos rising computer game

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising trailer
Screen shots

And from the THQ website:
THQ today announced Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising, the next standalone chapter in the critically acclaimed RTS series, is scheduled for release on Games For Windows LIVE in spring 2010.