Deathwing on the way

Okay, my hobby attention deficit disorder kicks into overdrive with the delivery the other day of 2.odd kilograms of lead. That’s rigt, ladies and gentlemen, twenty Marine Terminators and four Dreadnoughts. Two of the Dreadnoughts are the Marine dreadnoughts, two are the Dark Angel Dreadnoughts and both have a mix of weapons.

Lots of choices available, weapons wise, and by injecting the odd Land Raider or two, there’s you army ready to go.

warhammer 40000 deathwing

warhammer 40000 deathwing

warhammer 40000 deathwing

Having a look through the Dark Angels codex there are a couple of things that I need to think about when putting together a Deathwing army. Primarily, the army has to have Belial in it to make the Deathwing a Troop choice (as well as an Elites choice). In a normal Space Marine army, your general can be mounted on a bike and this makes bikers troop choices, not so for Terminator armour! It’s Dark Angels all the way.

I have always liked the idea of a few lone Scouts infiltrating an enemy’s lines before calling down the big guns. I’m definitely putting a couple of units of Scouts into the army, probably five man squads with sniper rifles for a bit of long range damage until all the army is fully deployed. The only thing that I don’t understand about the Dark Angels is their Scouts are Elite choices! The most inexperienced warriors appear in the same force list slot as Company Vetrans.

Much like Chaos Daemons and their “Preferred Wave”, Deathwing get to choose half of the squads taken (rounding up) to do a Deep Strike on the player’s first turn. The other half stay in reserve. Unlike the Chaos Daemons, there is no associated role to figure out what is available; the Deathwing Assault is always the troops selected.

I have my on-again-off-again Space Marine project and have developed a paint scheme that I am really happy with. The split scheme is an interesting challenge and I think that I have my secret recipe all sorted out so that replicating it across a number of troops shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Now I just need to figure out a playable army list …