Dreadtober – Episode Four and Five

Dreadtober rumbles on. And, as you can see, I’m combining episodes four and five.

dreadtober khorne helbrute episode four finished
dreadtober khorne helbrute episode four finished
dreadtober khorne helbrute episode four finished
I’m still working on the carapace armour and leg armour. I’m nervous about starting the exoskeleton and painting it up like that one foot. Having looked at the amount of brown that’s on the model, there’s a bit of work to complete it all. The contrast of bone and red I think won’t be stark enough to make the model stand out. However, I’m committed to the idea and if nothing else, I’m stubborn!
The red carapace armour is painted using the recipe from Episode Three. For the armour and head I added more layers of the Mechrite Red/Evil Sunz Scarlet/Wild Rider Red mix to help make the transitions between colours smoother.
dreadtober episode 5 helbrute leg armour
Episode Four

dreadtober episode 5 helbrute 03
dreadtober episode 5 helbrute
Episode Five

After Episode Five, I’m calling the red “done”. At one point I thought it looked more Word Bearer than Khorne, but I am happy with the final colour. Next up it’s working on the bone colour for the exoskeleton.

Now we come to the warning part of our series. This one is a rookie trick for new players. Don’t skimp on the undercoat! I found some dime-store undercoat that I thought would be okay. A combination of weather and its general cheap-ass-ery lead to a powdery finish that I have had to fight against.

AND there’s this
dreadtober episode 5 undercoat disaster
Some of the base coat, in this case the brown, has started to rub off. I’m not too rough with my models, so this came as a bit of a shock! About the only good thing I can take away would be using the rubbed off areas as the basis for extreme highlighting as I continue to paint.

At the end of Episode Five, my assembled Dreadtober pledge looks like this.
dreadtober episode 5 assembled helbrute
With sixteen days left in the month, I have to paint the arms from scratch, finish the bone areas and do some detailing. I’m getting a bit worried.

On a side note, you’ll notice that there’s lots of video of me painting. Originally, the video was done on Google Hangouts and, more recently, on Blab.

I’m doing it for the views! 🙂 It’s also a way for me to keep track of how long it takes for me to paint. Time is in short supply and, as an exercise, it’s interesting to see how I make use of it when it is available. For those keeping a running tally, we’re at about two hundred and seventy minutes. That’s about four and a half hours. To get the red bits done.

I may well be the world’s slowest painter.

In this episode, I am pimping the grand-daddies of Dreadtober, Sincain and Greggles. Also the other 33 #DREADTOBER participants!

Dread on, my friends, Dread on!