Dreadtober – Episode Seven

More work on my Helbrute for Dreadtober. The exoskeleton is now highlighted and I attempt some OSL …

Feed Your Nerd started DREADTOBER, and as you know, we’re building one dreadnought (and variants) in the month of October.

We last left our hero at the end of Episode Six looking like this.

The wheels haven’t fallen off my efforts, per se. The tires are just a little … deflated … is all.

Currently I have all the bone areas to work on (heh … bone. It’s STILL funny) and have made some initial progress with the base coating of Rhinox Hide and starting to highlight with a mix of Rhinox Hide and Snakebite Leather. I kind of wish I had started with Snakebite Leather rather than the Rhinox Hide to make it a little more subtle. I’m still happy with the result. In fact, I’m still happy with the amount of effort that I’m able to put into the Helbrute. Regular readers will know that I am … sporadic with my hobby, so having my mojo back and pounding this bad boy out is really exciting for me. Hopefully it marks the dawning of a new hobby era.

On with the show!

dreadtober episode 7 painting helbrute glowing eyes tutorial

Most of the legs are now highlighted from Rhinox Hide through to Snakebite Leather and from there with one part Snakebite Leather and two parts Bleached Bone. After that has dried, add another part Bleached Bone and continue to highlight more around the edges.

dreadtober episode 7 painting helbrute exoskeleton

Great big flat surfaces are my bane. The engine block of the Helbrute is killing me! I managed to stick to the recipe and get the mottled, inconsistent look that I was looking for. In the process I used a number of “grown up” words that, thankfully, neither of my kids were around to hear. Let us never speak of it again.

dreadtober episode 7 painting helbrute glowing eyes

For something like the occasion that is #DREADTOBER, I really want to go all out and try stuff I’ve never done before. So far, the glowing eyes (Object Source Lighting?) has been the first step. I’ve never done it before and I am happy with the end result. As with most of the Helbrute so far, time is precious so I’m looking for the fastest easiest way to achieve an effect.

The eyes glowing effect is a simple three stage process. The eyes and a small surrounding area were painted in Necron Abyss. Then Lothern Blue was applied just to the raised areas, specifically the eyeball and the surrounding cheek area. I left a little of the Necron Abyss showing at the edges of the Lothern Blue and in the deep recess of the eye socket. The final stage was an extreme highlight with Ceramite White just on the very edges.

With more time, I would like to make a smoother transition from the Necron Abyss to the Lothern Blue by mixing the colours to create more highlights.

With eight days to go, I need to finish the bone highlights, paint BOTH of the arms and also finish the details on the sarcophagus. It is going to be TIGHT.