Dreadtober – Episode Six

More work on my Helbrute for Dreadtober. Starting on the exoskeleton.

Dreadtober has us building one dreadnought (and variants) in thirty one days. It’s no twenty days down and eleven left to go.

So far I’ve made more progress on the Helbrute in six episodes that I’ve made in six months!

Previously, my Dreadtober efforts got to this point:
dreadtober episode 5 assembled helbrute
The arms are removable and STILL need to be painted. The red is finished, barring touch up efforts. The recipe for the armour was pretty simple. I tried to choose colours that were fairly easy to match for the purposes of highlighting and shading.

how to dreadtober helbrute paint scheme
From right to left, base coat of Mecharite Red, Evil Sunz Scarlett, Wild Rider Red. Missing, presumed in use is Agrax Earthshade. Episode Three has a better breakdown of the process.

Now I just need to start on the bone exoskeleton.

dreadtober helbrute howto exoskeleton paint scheme

From right to left, base coat of Rhinox Hide, Snakebite Leather, Bleached Bone and Ceramite White.

And the fun starts.

dreadtober helbrute exoskeleton highlights

Above is the result of the first two layers of highlight. Initially, a 1:1 mix of Snakebite Leather and Rhinox Hide is applied to cover most of the original base coat. The Rhinox Hide should only REALLY be visible in the depths. After that is dry, a 2:1 mix of Snakebite Leather and Rhinox Hide is applied semi roughly more on the edges and towards the centre of armour plates. I’m deliberately trying to keep this relatively rough as, much like real life, the bone colour will be a little inconsistent and mottled.

In episode seven (hopefully tonight), I’ll continue highlighting the bone area, probably starting with just Snakebite Leather and then moving up to Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone with final highlights of Bleached Bone and Ceramite White.

Keep in mind, I’m trying to end up with the final product looking like this:

dreadtober khorne helbrute episode two foot

For those paying attention, the arms still aren’t under-coated and there’s only eleven days to go. Oh, and the base isn’t done either!

Oh. While you’re here, go rag on Jeff for being disgustingly talented. I’m not jealous, much.